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08 June 2017


Easy Fundraising breaks the £1500 barrier


Thank you to all our Easyfundraisers who have been raising funds for the SST when they shop on line. You have now raised over £1500 since we started the scheme, which includes an amazing £420 since the beginning of last August.


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Football Supporters Federation launches a National Football Survey


Every few years the Football Supporters Federation holds a National Supporters’ Survey to assess the state of the game and its fans - and you can fill in the 2017 National Supporters Survey now. The last of these censuses was carried out in 2012 with more than 4,000 supporters from 130 different clubs – Arsenal to Afan Lido, Wolves to Welling United – completing our survey, giving us a snapshot of supporters’ views up and down the game.  FSF chief executive Kevin Miles said: "Our National Supporters’ Survey is the largest of its kind, canvassing the views of supporters up and down the country. We want fans to tell us what really matters to them in 2017.”


Take part in the 2017 survey


Results of the 2012 survey


28 May 2017


Women at the Game organisation launched.


A new campaign was launched by Jacqui Forster, formerly of Supporters Direct, last Thursday evening at the Hotel Football next to Old Trafford.


The idea behind it is to give women their first taste of live football in a supportive environment or to create a friends’ group for women to be together who are seasoned match-goers who are not comfortable in the usual male dominated crowd – going in an all-female group that’s supportive and welcoming.


Forster, an Altrincham FC fan, was diagnosed with terminal cancer in February 2015 and is using some money that friends raised for her to get this project up and running.

“I simply want to enable more women to feel happy going to watch sport, particularly men’s football,” says Jacqui. “I think that meeting other women before the game in a non-threatening venue, like a café, entering the ground together and wherever possible spending the match with their new found friends and even travelling home together will make more women of all backgrounds, ethnicity and religion more likely to give Going to the Footie a go. This is really about making friends with other women who support the same club.


A number of football events have already taken place but having worked with a number of other sports Jacqui would like to see the idea spread across to the likes of Rugby League, Speedway etc.


Women at the Game


Targeting areas of the community to try and encourage them to get involved with their local Club is not new, MTFC regularly give tickets to local schools, however this is the first time we have heard of a drive with the intention of encouraging women and we wish Jacqui all the best.




At the suggestion of our auditor, the SST has changed its accounting period to finish at the end of June, rather than at the end of January, to bring it into line with the football season. The January date was previously used because that was when the SST was formed in 2006.


This in turn means that our AGM will take now place in November so that the accounts and Annual Report can be prepared and audited.


Super Silk Lotto Winners - Congratulations to 


26th May - David Goodier

19th May - Frederick Hill



SST LOLS   Superb Own Goal


14 May 2017


Key points from the AGM 05/05/2017

Change of Articles of Association

·         A minimum of one Director can constitute a quorum (replaces 5)

·         An AGM need not be held every year (to bring the Articles into line with the Company Law of 2006)

·         Conversion of loans to shares

There are plans to convert £1,870,000 of loans to the Club into shares

These loans comprise

£1.4 million from Ramy Ltd

471,000 from Andy Scott, Jeremy Turner and Mike Rance

This will leave loans of just under £300,000 owing to Ramy Ltd.
Following the conversion, a percentage of the shares will be awarded to the following people
10% Barry Darcie
10% Mark Blower
5% John Askey

The full details of these transactions will be finalised over the next few months.

Meeting after the AGM

Present: Mr A Alkadhi, Mr M Blower (Chair MTFC), Mr SJ Mundy (Chair SST) and members of SST and shareholders

Opening. SJM thanked AA and MB for their agreement to meet SST members following the Club AGM. A recent SST survey had identified a number of issues fans wished to see addressed – these ranged from various ground improvements (some of which had been partly or wholly funded by the SST) and a specific request to open discussions with AA. SST members had been invited to submit points at issue and these had been forwarded to AA via MB.
1) At your last meeting with fans you said you would sell the club for £1, with the lack of investment recently why have you not sold the club?

2) For the team to move forward investment in players is needed. After promising at a meeting last season you said you would provide money if there was a play-off chance, we did have a chance at one stage but no additional money was provided for us to take the opportunity. Are you relying on supporters, who already pay into the club via gate receipts, season tickets etc. to finance the team with further donations, which has happened this season.

AA refuted that there had been a lack of investment and drew attention to the AGM 14/15 and 15/16 accounts, which showed an operating loss, which had been covered by loans to the Club. Funds had also been made available in the 16/17 season to assist with the purchase of a striker but despite numerous attempts the Club had not been able to sign a suitable player.
MB drew attention to the 2016 accounts which showed a shortfall in the balance sheet but this as at a much more sustainable level than previously. Informally, it was expected that the 2017 financial report would show a near breakeven position, a sustainable and manageable level of trade creditors and fully up to date HMRC and VAT liabilities.
3) As you do not attend matches, what is your interest in Macclesfield Town FC
4) What is your vision for the club over the next 5 years, and what actions are in the works to support this vision?

AA reminded those that present that he did not live in the UK and also that he preferred to take a low profile in the business management of the club leaving such matters in the hands of the Operating Committee. He paid tribute to MB for his close management of financial matters within the club the success of which could be seen in the various financial statements approved by the AGM. AA though that five years was too long for a realistic business plan but the forward plan for the next three years looked to underscore stability which would hope fully lead to even greater success on the pitch.

4) Assuming that a prospective buyer or buyers of the football club meet your financial requirements, what are the qualities that a prospective buyer(s) of the football club would need to possess and how do you expect that the buyer(s) to demonstrate these qualities and intentions?

There had been two serious expressions of interest in a club takeover. One had been rejected but a second was still in discussion. AA reiterated his previous position – there would only be a change of ownership if such a change was in the best interests of the club and its future. The current position might result in a significant minority shareholder being introduced to the benefit of the club.

5) What is the situation with regards to the Freehold?

The freehold to the ground held by Cheshire East was still subject to the buy-back condition until 2018 but it was fully expected that this could be extended and there was still a commitment to the development of a new stadium.

6) Is it possible to have a note of the Board Members, it is very unusual to have only one Director. What constitutes a Quorum at a meeting? Is there a CEO?

The reason for the lack of Directors was to do with the financial situation of the Club. As that situation stabilises it is hoped that it will be possible to change that position. Referring back to the AGM, it was made clear that the changes to the Articles of Association were intended to bring them into line with current business law. The change also allows the presence of one director to constitute a quorum.

The plans to allocate shares to various individuals would help dilute the majority shareholding and the conversion of debt to shares would improve the financial position of the club effectively improving the ‘worth’ of issued shares.

The Club Operating Committee is as follows, Chairman Mark Blower, General Manager Rob Heyes, Hospitality Manager Helen Bona, Operational Barrie Darcey, Legal (as/when required) Jon Mail, Commercial Andy Scott, Club Secretary Julie Briggs.


Premier League responds to Accrington Stanley Chairman's accusation that the EPL leaves Football League Clubs "like a starving peasant begging for scraps".  Here
Silk Lotto Winner 12th May - Congratulations to Anthony Holmes


7th May 2017


The John Askey shirt auction raised £40. Thank you to Julia for donating the shirt and Matthew for the winning bid.


Silk Lotto Winner 5th May - Congratulations to Richard Green

1st May 2017


Although the season is now over, the SST will continue to work on behalf of the fans and the Club over the Close Season. As always, you can find regular updates here.

Club AGM 5th May

The SST will be attending the Club AGM as shareholders and will be providing an update to our members.


As part of our constitution, approximately a third of our twelve Board members must stand down each year and put themselves up for re-election. We also currently have two places vacant. If you think you would like to become more involved in the running of the SST or would like more information then please get in contact with us. The Board Meetings are at 7.45pm on the second Monday of every month in the McIlroy Suite.

The election announcement will be published on our website, social media and via e-mail towards the end of May.


Support MP John Cryer's Early Day Motion for "Fit and Proper Person's Test

Following the recent turmoil at Leyton Orient, Leyton Orient Fans' Trust are asking football fans to back John Cryer MP’s Early Day Motion (1059) which “calls on the Government to enforce a genuine fit and proper person test” for all owners of football clubs.

Support it here

Leyton Orient Fans discuss their relegation after 136 years in the Football League

"It's like a circus here"


Super Silk Lotto Winners Congratulations to

28th April - Simon Browne

21st April - Mark Fairhurst


16th April 2017


Auction now closed.


John Askey Signed Game Worn Shirt Up for Auction!


One of our members, Julia Mitchell, has kindly donated a vintage John Askey game worn signed shirt from the 2000/01 season to us to raise funds. John Askey made 43 League and Cup appearances for the Silkmen that season, scoring 3 three goals.


We have decided to auction this classic piece of Silkmen memorabilia, so if you would like to be the proud owner (and have something a bit different to wear to Wembley) then e-mail your bid to enquiries@sstrust.uk no later than 23.59pm 1st May 2017.


We will show the current highest bid on our website on a daily basis.




16 April 2017


Membership Update

We currently have 132 members on our books. It would be nice if we could have more, however I noticed that until recently Leyton Orient Fans’ Trust, whose Club’s average attendances are two to three times bigger than ours, had a membership of 180. That all changed when their Club received a winding up order and they have now gone up to well over a 1000 members. Fortunately, MTFC are not in that position so our membership is probably a fair reflection of our fan base. There are similarities between Supporters Trusts and Unions, one of which being that there tends to be an increase in membership when the going gets tough. However, the SST still needs members to sustain it during the relatively stable times and I would therefore like to say a big thank you to all those of you who continue to support us.

SST Just for fun He's behind you! Also, what's with the privet hedge in a football stadium?


Super Silk Lotto Winners - congratulations to


14th April Darren Brodrick

7th April   Sue Nichols

31 March  Adele Barber


28 March 2017


Silk Pledge Update (pre York Fixture)


It’s been a few days of real highs and lows. The joys of supporting the Silkmen! After the euphoria of Prenton Park and the great performance at Chester (with Andy Halls' first ever goal for the Blues), once again on Saturday our league home form was a huge disappointment.

That said the pledge stands at a healthy £1531.65 after the Aldershot game and with 11 games to go, including our exciting trip to Wembley , we can still hit our £2000 target. Thanks as ever for the continued support. Full list of pledges and pledgers here


John Abbott


25 March 2017


Player of the Year Awards Evening 29th April 2017


The SST have once again agreed to purchase the trophies for this year's Player of the Year Awards (other than the Wraggs to Riches trophy which is kindly donated by Richard Swallow). SST Disabilities Liaison Officer Andy Mellor will also be presenting his annual award for endeavour, which was last year won by Kristian Dennis.


Tickets are still available but are going fast and are very reasonably priced at £10 for adults and £5 for juniors which includes food. Special guest Steve Payne will be presenting the awards and it is always a great night. Call Phil on 07849194125 to get your ticket.


Safe Standing Campaign receives a boost


Rail Seating licensed in Leagues 1 and 2



Super Silk Lotto Winners - congratulations to


17th March Steve Mundy

24th March Shirley Knights



22 March 2017


Leyton Orient Fans' Trust prepare for the worst as Club faces financial meltdown.


More info here



Sports Minister responds to SST letter in support of Supporters Direct calls for FA reform

SST Secretary, David Woolliscroft, contacted local MP, David Rutley, in support of FA reform. He forwarded those concerns to the Minister for Sport, Tracey Crouch. Attached is her reply to David Rutley.
Ministerial Reply - FA Governance.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [203.5 KB]


Overheard - Dulwich Fans speak highly of their visit to Moss Rose.


Due to a long standing arrangement to visit my father and other family members down south, I missed the glory of the Silkmen's magnificent victory at Prenton Park. Having seen every other tie, including the away trips to Sudbury and Dulwich, it was disappointing not to be there but family will always come first. However, as Dulwich Hamlet were playing at the local Club Tonbridge Angels, and as their fans had been so welcoming at Champion Hill, we decided to go along and support them.


The Hamlet fans were in good voice, good humour and good numbers, but more importantly it was good to hear some of their fans saying how much they had enjoyed their visit to the Moss Rose, what a friendly Club it was and how their coach party was greeted by the Chairman on arrival.


12 March 2017


Super Silk Lotto Winner 10th March - Congratulations David Goodier!


SST LOLS Whoops!


SST Spring Newsletter
SST Spring Newsletter.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [484.4 KB]

5 March 2017


Football Supporters Federation Away Fans Survey 16/17


The FSF wants to know about the best and worst stadiums you've been to this season, and help them work with the clubs and leagues to improve things for future years. Tell them about your experiences here


Super Silk Lotto Winner 3rd March - Congratulations Rob Heys!


1 March 2017

Silkmen TV Appeal!


If you are planning to upgrade your TV (or know someone who is) and the old one still works, rather than taking it to the tip, please consider donating it to the Football Club. The Club are looking for flat screen TVs with between 32” to 40” screens to replace broken ones in the McAlpine concourse and Butch’s bar. If you can help, then please contact us via comms@sstrust.uk. Thank you.


28 February 2017

Minutes from Open Meeting
The SST held an open meeting on the 20th February. The minutes are attached here.
minutes 20170220.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [211.5 KB]


Super Silk Lotto Winner 24th February - congratulations to Stephen Holt!


19th February 2017


More hot air from the SST!


As part of our response to the issues raised in last year's survey, we have paid to have the two broken hot air hand driers in the Star Lane Ladies' toilets and the two old ones in the Star Lane Gents' toilets replaced.


We are continuing to work through the large number of issues raised in the survey and are working with the Club to improve the Match Day experience for fans.


18th February 2017


FSF News   MPs pass Vote of No Confidence in The FA



Super Silk Lotto winner 17th February  Congratulations to Steve Forrest!                       



14th Feb 2017


SST Open Meeting


The next Board Meeting of the Silkmen Supporters’ Trust, which is on Monday, 20th February, will be an open one where all members can attend.

The meeting will take place in the
McIlroy Suite, MTFC beginning at 7.45pm and will finish at 9.30pm.

At the time we arranged this, we were unaware that the Club had arranged a Meet the Chairman evening on the 16
th February, however we hope you will take the opportunity to come and speak with the Board, find out what the SST has been up to, put your questions to us and tell us what you would like to see the SST doing on your behalf.


Super Silk Lotto Winner 10th February - Congratulations to Caroline Hall!


5th Feb 2017


The Super Silk Lotto – Two years on

Andy Worth first told me of his idea of creating a local lottery to raise funds for the Football Club many years ago and before I was on the Board of the SST. He thought it would be more appealing to the fans of Macclesfield than the national Gold Bond draw; that it would attract people from the local community and that it would be more successful than the Gold Bond. I told him that the logistics and work in running such a lottery would be huge. Now, just over two years on from its inception, I think I can say that we were both right.

The Lotto currently has 245 members with a £100-00 prize draw taking place every Friday. It is currently paying £500 a month into the Football Club (more than the Gold Bond did) and has also paid out over £10,500 in prizes. It has also made two donations to local charities, David Lewis and Ollie’s Army and this year is raising money for Space4Autism.

The other difference between the Super Silk Lotto and the Gold Bond is that the Super Silk Lotto is a not for profit lottery run solely by volunteers. In the background, making sure that everything runs smoothly, Andy has the dedicated support of a number of individuals. This includes Marie Grundy (SST) and Robert Stirling (former general manager of MTFC) who oversee the draws, rules and membership lists; Myra Clark (SST) who organises the lottery licence, the prize cheques and banks the cash and last, but by no means least, John Abbott (SST) who has the unenviable task of keeping track of the nearly £26,000 that has been collected by the lottery since November 2014 and what has been paid and to whom.

The Super Silk Lotto has been a terrific success and it is great that the SST has been able to assist Andy in seeing his vision come to fruition.

Interested in joining the lottery? It costs just £1 a week. Entry forms, rules and the latest winners can be found here or forms can be obtained from the Club Office or by e-mailing equiries@sstrust.uk

Super Silk Lotto Winner 3rd February - Congratulations Janet Ann Smith!


28 January 2017


Super Silk Lotto Winner 27th Jan - Congratulations David Goodier!


SST Smiles Maybe a handshake next time?


24 January 2017


Fundraising Update


Silk Pledge -


After the very disappointing performance and result against Guiseley , the pledge stands at £1066.95. Let’s hope we can get back on track at North Ferriby on Saturday and really make a move towards those playoffs.


We have had  a few pledge changes following the departures of Jack Mackreth, Paul Lewis and Jack Sampson and the new loan arrivals. If anyone else wants to change please let me know.

As well as keeping track of Alty’s dire results, I will now have to keep a close eye on Chorley’s games. A couple of pledgers want to keep faith in Jack Sampson in his loan period over there. You never know the move may just give him the confidence he needs.

COYB!  Full List of Pledges


J Abbott


Easy Fundraising - £266.22 raised since July 31st.


Our sincere thanks to all those of you who are taking part.


22 January 2017


SST adds its support to Petition for an Independent Inquiry


As we're sure you've read in recent weeks, many shocking allegations of child abuse within football have come to light. The survivors of the abuse have joined forces with MPs, legal experts, and child protection groups to call upon Parliament to establish an independent inquiry into the allegations. The Supporters' Trust have added its name to the petition letter which will be sent to the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee asking for an independent inquiry.


FSF Away fans survey


The Football Supporters Federation is conducting a survey on fans' experiences at away games. Been to an away game over the festive period in the league or cup? They want to hear about your experiences on the road. Pies, stewards, concourses. The lot.



Silk Lotto Winner 20th Jan - Congratulations to Claire Howarth!


15 January 2017


“Souvenirs From Home” football exhibition celebrates Macclesfield’s silk heritage!

An unlikely combination of football and craft have provided the inspiration for an exhibition which includes specially created silk football shirts made by Silkmen fans. The exhibition is the culmination of Home Ground, a national project which celebrates the cultural heritage of football clubs with nicknames inspired by the local craft industries that have shaped their communities.

Silkmen supporters (including members of the SST) took part in workshops with artist Zoe Hillyard to create one-off “souvenirs” reflecting the silk industry which gave the city’s football club its nickname.

The workshops explored the participants’ experience of being Silkmen fans and living in Macclesfield, while collections of local silk at the Silk Museum and Adamley Textiles provided inspiration. Silkmen supporters created a series of souvenir football shirts, inspired by the idea of a signed football shirt as a treasured possession. Fans also made a collection of silk covered buttons, inspired by Macclesfield’s prolific silk button production, which was established in the sixteenth century. Mother and baby groups, match-day visitors, behind the scenes club catering staff and players all left their mark on silk fabric which was used it to cover individual buttons.


Specially for the exhibition, artist Zoe Hillyard created ‘The Silkmen Cup’, to celebrate the town’s silk heritage and reflect the football club’s determination and strength. The Cup is made using Zoe’s own special technique – ‘ceramic patchwork’ – where she covers individual ceramic fragments in silk which she reassembles by stitching the pieces together.


The use of pottery and silk together takes on a particular resonance as the inaugural match played under the name Macclesfield Town Football Club, in 1876, was against Stoke City - The Potters.  These teams, which grew out of their respective trades, clash again in Zoë’s celebratory piece through the mix of silk and ceramics.


The exhibition takes place at The Old Sunday School Heritage Centre, Roe Street Macclesfield SK11 6UT from 9th Jan to 2nd Feb so take the opportunity to view this interesting and unusual collection.

Silk Lotto Winner 13th Jan - Congratulations to Chrissie Thompson!


8 January 2017


Silk Lotto Winner 6th Jan - Congratulations Anthony Potts!

24 December 2016


Winners of the SST 2016 Christmas Draw


David Bryant,Tom Scholfield, Steve Mundy, Wayne King, Keith Knowles, Bill Brocklehurst, Diane Sparks, Dave Hall, Sheila Grant, Tony Lynn, Will Turner, Margaret Milligan, John Clark and Nicky Crowe.


Silk Lotto Winner 23 Dec - Congratulations to Margaret Littler!


19 December 2016


Fundraising update


Easyfundraising update - Since July 31st our 61 easy fundraising members have raised £206.01 for the SST just by shopping online.


Silk Pledge - The amount pledged has now reached £870.80. Lets hope that our match against Altrincham tomorrow adds a good sum  to the total.


Many thanks to you all.


18 December 2016


Silkmen Supporters' Trust XMAS Draw


The draw has now taken place for this year and our raffle organiser, Myra Clark, is contacting the winners. It has been a great success once again and has raised over £900. A big thank to all those who donated prizes and bought tickets. A special mention to 'Big Jim' Goodwin, who once again donated this year's first prize of the turkey.


19 November 2016


Football League abandons whole game proposals


The EFL Board has today announced that they will cease discussions on the Whole Game Solution with immediate effect after the Football Association (FA) informed them they were no longer prepared to consider rescheduling FA Cup fixtures into midweek slots.


For more information and the results of the fans survey click here


24 October 2016

Response to the Supporters’ Survey Part Two – Stadium Improvements

There were three common themes from the survey where people were either dissatisfied with or would like to see improvements to the facilities at the Moss Rose – the PA system, the toilets and the lack of a working scoreboard.

Public Address System

The issues were caused by the lack of working speakers in the London Road side of the ground. This meant that people in the London Road could not hear announcements. However, if the volume was turned up to compensate then it was too loud for people in the rest of the ground.

SST response – We have agreed to pay for two new weatherproof speakers on Butch’s Bar and two further speakers on the north end terrace and also for some wiring and electrical junction replacement.

This work is currently underway.


There were various complaints about the conditions of the toilets, including lack of hot water, working hand dryers and in particular the state of the toilets on London Road.

SST response - The SST carried out a survey of the toilets at the end of August. In the McAlpine, Star Lane and Butch’s Bar, the toilets were generally in a good state (especially compared with some of those at other grounds) and stocked with soap, paper towels and or dryers. We did identify a number of defects for which we have offered to pay for the repair and we have also offered to pay for the replacement of some of the hand dryers which, while working, do not work very well.

The toilets on the London Road are in the worst condition, although again, not as bad as some we have seen. We have been advised that it is not practical to carry out some of the work required during the season. We have agreed to make some funds available at the end of the season so that work can be carried out in the off season.

We are currently awaiting a response from the Club to our offer.


While less mentioned, a working scoreboard was something that some fans would like to see. There would also be revenue generating opportunities for the Club as advertisements on scoreboards command higher prices.

SST response - We have looked into an offer of the disused matrix board from the Cheshire Building Society but the cost of removing and re-siting it and the uncertainty of whether it would actually be suitable for our needs means this has now been discounted. We are now looking into the costs of sourcing a simple LED or dot matrix scoreboard from new. However, this is not something we could fund this season.


16 October 2016


Last Friday's Luck Lotto Winner - Congratulations Rob Hooley!


Silk Pledge Fundraising Update


After Saturday’s great FA cup result at North Ferriby, the pledge stands at a healthy £583.75. We are just marginally down on where we were after 16 games last year. As you know, we raised just over £2000 last season and let’s hope we can reach that total again or even beat it. Thanks so much for everyone who has participated in the pledge so far – your support is fantastic and much appreciated.  It’s been interesting so far. Who would have thought that Danny Whit would have been top scorer at this stage? Only one headed goal and no penalty saves (lucky for me!) . And ‘sadly’ 8 defeats so far for Alty!


Easyfundraising update - Since July 31st our easy fundraising members have raised £109.43 for the SST just by shopping online. For those of you planing to shop for Christmas presents on-line, don't forget to go via the easyfundraising site!


Membership 2016/2017

Not renewed yet?

Remember, you can renew your membership by

1) Sending a cheque to:  Silkmen Supporters' Trust, c/o SAS Daniels, Churchill Chambers, Churchill Way, Macclesfield SK11 6AY

2) Paying directly into the Silkmen Supporters Trust Bank Account – A/c No 65202513 Sort Code 089299. Please give a reference 'Membership 2016'

3) Pay on-line by clicking on the Paypal Link below

Many thanks for making a difference!

SST Membership
Enter name here:



9 October 2016

A big thank you to SST member David Harrison who donated two season tickets which he won in a competition to the Silkmen Supporters' Trust. The sale of the tickets raised £300. David is a bit of a legend around MTFC and loves the Club and we are extremely grateful to him for his generosity.




L-R Andy Worth (PA), David Harrison, Steve Mundy (SST)



28 September 2016


Membership Drive for 2016/2017


From the first of October, the Silkmen Supporters Trust enter a new membership subscription period.


A big thank you to everyone who has been a member during the last subscription period. Here are some of the things your support has helped achieve during the last year.



· £400 provided to the Club to enable the refurbishment and re-opening of the London

          Road Tea Kiosk.

· £500 provided to the Club to buy merchandise for the 15/16 season.

· Sponsored John Askey’s home and away kits - £300

· Purchased the trophies for the Player of the Year Awards evening

· £1000 share purchase in the Club


For a full update, please see the Newsletter posted on this website on the 25th September.


The membership fees have not increased and a year’s membership remains at £10-00 for adults and £5-00 for concessions and members are entitled to:

  • FA Cup ticket priority to members after season ticket holders.
  • A 10% discount on non-match day venue hire at the Moss Rose.

Members Whose Subscription Is Up for Renewal


We have contacted all those due to renew by e-mail, however if you believe your membership may have expired and you have not been notified please contact Membership Secretary Bernie Rickman (membership@sstrust.uk).


Non Members


If you are not a member then please join us and help us to help the fans and Macclesfield Town Football Club.




Membership forms can be printed from the attachment below or obtained from the turnstiles at the Club. Please return the forms and payment to the Club Offices, c/o Chrissie Thompson or the SST, c/o SAS Daniels, Churchill Chambers, Churchill Way, Macclesfield SK11 6AY.


Forms can also be returned to Andy Worth at Stadium control for the next two home games (North Ferriby and Boreham Wood).


Remember, the SST only exists because of your support. The more members we have the more we can do for the fans and the Club.

SST Membership Form 201617.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.8 MB]



SST Newsletter August 2016


A copy of the newsletter that was sent to our members in August.

Silkmen Supporters Trust Newsletter Augu[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [285.6 KB]

Minutes of the Silkmen Supporters' Trust AGM 15/08/2016

SST AGM Aug 2016.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [263.2 KB]

New on the Silkmen Archives

With grateful thanks to Geoff Knights for his excellent work keeping the history of our Club alive

SST AGM and Open Board Meeting

This took place in the McIlroy Suite at the Moss Rose  on Monday 15th August 2016


You can download the official notice for the meeting by clinking the link below.  The Annual Report  can be downloaded from the SST Board pages (here)

Notice of SST AGM 2016
SST AGM 20160815 - Notice of Meeting.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [261.6 KB]
SST Response to Spring 2016 Survey Part [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [37.3 KB]



Join the SST

The S.S.T. would not exist without your support.  Please join us and help to  make a difference to your football club. You can find the forms that you need to join here.

Our Mission

The Silkmen Supporters’ Trust is committed to the improvement and development of Macclesfield Town FC by working in partnership with the Club, the fans and the community to the mutual benefit of all.

Tweets from George and Chrissie @SilkmenSupTrust

Our Address

Silkmen Supporters' Trust

c/o SAS Daniels, Churchill Chambers, Churchill Way, Macclesfield SK11 6AY


If you have ideas about fundraising for SST, projects that SST could get involved in or suggestions for the website please contact SST via our Contact page

Shares in MTFC Held by SST = 42,745


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