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Want a chance to win £100, support your Club and help a local charity? Then sign up for the Super Silk Lotto now.


Since starting in November 2014, the Super Silk Lotto has reached nearly 250 members, paid out over £17500 in prizes and raised £22000 for Macclesfield Town FC.  But the more members we have the more money we can raise for our beloved Silkmen and for this year’s chosen local charity, MAC Multi-Activity Centre.


The draw costs just £1.00 per entry. Everyone who enters the lottery will be given a unique number for each entry and a live draw takes place every Friday on Canalside Radio (available on 102.8 FM), your local community radio station whose development owes so much to the hard work and dedication of local radio legend and Silkmen fanatic Nick Wright.


Taking part couldn’t be easier. Simply print out the forms below, fill them in and send them to Macclesfield Town Football Club for your chance to join the group of people who have already been Super Silk Lotto winners.

Join the Lotto

To join the Super Silk Lotto and have the chance to add your name to the list of lucky winners on this page, simply download the cover and application form using the links just below, complete all the sections of the application form, and return the completed form to:


Super Silk Lotto, c/o Macclesfield Town FC, London Road, Macclesfield, SK11 7SP


Super Silk Lotto Application Form Part 1
Super Silk Lotto form - Front and back.p[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [4.9 MB]
Super Silk Lotto Application Form Part 2
Super Silk Lotto form - Inside cover.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [3.7 MB]

The Weekly Winners!






13​/09/2019             208 Andrew Critcher £100.00
06​/09/2019              24 John Clark £100.00
30​/08/2019             280 Rob Heys £100.00
23​/08/2019             229 John Potts £100.00
16​/08/2019              74 Darren Brodrick £100.00
09​/08/2019              22 Alan Smith £100.00
02​/08/2019             244 Peter Wilkinson £100.00
26​/07/2019              14 Steve Mundy £100.00
19​/07/2019             307 Brian Moores £100.00
12​/07/2019              65 Myra Clarke £100.00
05​/07/2019             309 Peter Moody £100.00
28​/06/2019             176 Don Greaves £100.00
21​/06/2019             150 Andrew Brinkhurst £100.00
14​/06/2019             312 Steve Caulcott £100.00
07​/06/2019              90 Margaret Tragheim £100.00
31​/05/2019              21 Frank Bradley £100.00
24​/05/2019              46 Michael Griffiths £100.00
17​/05/2019            278 John Askey £100.00
10​/05/2019              71 Catherine Love £100.00
03​/05/2019            299 Malcolm Walker £100.00
26​/04/2019              95 Martin Hardy £100.00
19​/04/2019            109 Matthew Todd £100.00
12​/04/2019               2 Phil Gibbons £100.00
05​/04/2019              15 Steve Mundy £100.00
29​/03/2019            130 Kim Jones £100.00
22​/03/2019            289 David Poynton £100.00
15​/03/2019              30 Christina Lawrence £100.00
08​/03/2019            283 John Ball £100.00
01​/03/2019            269 Alison Woodhouse £100.00
22​/02/2019            249 Frederick Hill £100.00
15​/02/2019            318 Cheryl Abbott £100.00
08​/02/2019              20 Gill Buchanan £100.00
01​/02/2019              91 Patricia Brown £100.00
25​/01/2019            263 Richard Gilmartin £100.00
18​/01/2019            259 Andrew Gordon £100.00
11​/01/2019              33 Peter De Courcy £100.00
04​/01/2019            100 Patrick Birch £100.00


Lotto Terms of Reference

Super Silk Lotto Rules
Super Silk Lotto - Rules.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [269.0 KB]
Gamble Responsibly
Super Silk Lotto - Social Responsibility[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [194.1 KB]

Join the SST

The S.S.T. would not exist without your support.  Please join us and help to  make a difference to your football club. You can find the forms that you need to join here.

Our Mission

The Silkmen Supporters’ Trust is committed to the improvement and development of Macclesfield Town FC by working in partnership with the Club, the fans and the community to the mutual benefit of all.

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  • Super Silk Lotto update, the winner today is number 14 Steve Mundy! Well done Steve and thank you for supporting the Lotto!

  • Super Silk Lotto update, the winner today is number 307 Brian Moores! Well done Brian and thank you for supporting the Lotto!

  • Super Silk Lotto update, the winner today is number 307 Peter Moody! Well done Peter and thank you for supporting the Lotto!

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