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19 December 2015


Christmas Message from the SST Chair


As the year draws to a close I would like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to all our members and those who have supported our fundraising initiatives.  I appreciate that there are a lot of calls on your finances, so to see the pledge standing at £1,127 (as of 19th Dec) and to hear that we made around £950 on our Christmas raffle is a tribute to your generosity and love for your Club.


My warm thanks also to the following…

  • Everyone who has joined the SST or renewed membership since our campaign began at the end of September.
  • Those members of the Board who have stepped down during this year, Rob Wilson, John Raynor and Cathy Pengelly, for all their work in support of the Club and its supporters.
  • Former Chairman Jon Smart and former Secretary David Woolliscroft (who I’m glad to say have remained on the Board) for all their hard work also.
  • Clive Westbury for auditing our accounts in his own time.
  • Those of you who attended the AGM and put forward your ideas, thoughts and questions
  • The generous fans who between them proxied 400 shares to the SST.
  • The generous fan who donated 9 beautiful water colour paintings to be auctioned to raise funds and also to all those who have bid for them raising £200 for the SST.   


Trust Activity in 2015

  • £3,000 given towards the signing of Danny Whitehead
  • £400 given to the Club for the refurbishment of the London Road tea bar
  • £500 to the Club for the purchase of Merchandise in return for discount vouchers for the Club shop for SST Members
  • Sponsored John Askey’s kit
  • Trophies purchased for the Player of the Year Awards
  • Sponsored a Man of the Match and held a draw to award the complimentary tickets to four SST members and guests.
  • Provided support for the Lottery and the SOS player fund. Although these are not SST but fans’ initiatives, the SST has, through the sterling efforts of Finance Committee members Myra Clarke and John Abbott, provided banking facilities, helped with the collection and payment of funds and kept the accounts for both projects. We have also promoted both projects via our website and social media and provided the use of our lottery license.


I’m pleased to report that at the end of its first year, the Silk Lotto has increased its monthly payments to the Club from £300 to £400 and also made a one off payment to the Club of £1000. The SST has also banked over £5,000 pounds in donations to the SOS funds made via our postal address at Daniel’s Solicitors and the bucket collections held at the Club.

  • Held regular meetings with the Club to discuss fans’ issues.
  • Voluntary work for the Club including working in the Office, selling 50-50 tickets and helping sell merchandise at the Christmas Market.

On behalf of the SST I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a great 2016 following the Silkmen.

20 December 2015


Picture Auction Update


The auction ended at midnight on Friday 18 December 2015.  Successful bidders have been notified by email and need to contact the SST Secretary to arrange payment and delivery.  Thank you all the people who have placed bids and especially to the supporter who painted and donated the pictures.  This has helped to raise around £200.00 for the SST.


We would like to hold similar events in the future.  If you have any ideas please get in touch by using the "Contact Us" button on the left of this page.

29 November 2015


SST Members Merchandise Voucher


As Christmas is approaching, we thought we would just remind you that all current SST members are entitled to a discount voucher to use in the Club Shop.  Members who have paid for an Over 60 or under 18 membership subscriptions are entitled to a £3.00 discount on a purchase of £10.00 or more and members who have paid for full Adult membership are entitled to either the same £3-00 discount on a purchase of £10.00 or more or a £5.00 discount on a purchase of £20.00 or more*.


To receive your voucher contact our Membership Secretary, Bernie Rickman, at with your name and membership number and he will arrange for the voucher to be left in the Club shop for collection.


*Only one voucher per transaction and only one voucher per member. 

25 November 2015


Nat McKinstry


I was saddened to read about the death of Nat on the official Club site yesterday.  Although I never saw him play, from 1973 I often stood with him on the London Road Terrace.  I didn't really know him beyond our little patch of concrete behind the home dugout at the Moss Rose yet still I felt that he was a good friend.  I will miss him and so will many others.

SST Secretary

01 October 2015


Message from SST Chairman - Steve Mundy


Steve provides an update on the SST and information about new benefits for SST members on our Join Us page

23 September 2015


Sporting Quiz Night on 24th September in the McIlroy Suite


Think you are a sporting mastermind? Is your knowledge better than the rest? Then why not head down to the Moss Rose on Thursday 24th September for a Sports Quiz in the McIlroy Suite!


The event, that has a 7.30pm start is priced at only £5 per head which includes a curry. There is a limit of four people per team and the winning side will receive a hospitality package for four diners at a game of their choice!


So why not come along to the Moss Rose for this special night? To reserve your team, call 01625 264686 now. Teams will also be able to enter on the night.


Now get doing your homework!

20 September 2015


Bucket Shakers


The Support our Silkmen campaign are holding a bucket collection at the Barrow game on Tuesday night (and some of the following home games) in aid of the 10K Dash (see SST website for further details). Andy Worth is looking for volunteers who are willing to hold a bucket from 7-00pm to just before kick off. Every pound collected will be matched by an anonymous donor and all monies raised will go to John Askey's player budget.

20 Seo


If you can help, please e-mail Andy on

03 September 2015


New Funding for Players


Through the generosity of an anonymous donor responding to Andy Worth's Support Our Silkmen campaign the SST has received £15,000 which is to be used only to support the first team and the signing of new players.  The first of these was David Fitzpatrick and we expect that more players will be funded from this source before long.


The SST will continue to provide short and longer term support for SOS.

29 August 2015


London Road South Refreshments


The SST Board were concerned that, when the north end of the London Road terrace was closed some time ago, home supporters no longer had access to refreshment facilities except in the Corner Flag.  Earlier this year we raised this with the Club and we are pleased to announce that work to complete the refurbishment of the refreshment kiosk at the south end of the ground is now almost complete.  SST funded materials for this work which was carried out by the Club's maintenance team and we are very grateful for their efforts.  Hopefully the "SS T-Bar" will be open for the Woking match on 05 Sept if not for the Chester game this weekend.

25 August 2015


John Rayner Retires from the SST Board


We are sorry to report that John Rayner, a long serving member of the SST Board and a former Chairman, has decided to step down from the Board. John’s special skills advising both the club and the Trust on construction matters will be specially missed in particular his ability to suck in his bottom lip, shake his head and say ‘not sure how it’s not fallen down’ whilst standing in a nonchalant way in the middle of a sagging roof!  Seriously, the Trust Board would like to place its appreciation of John’s massive contribution on record.


As Chairman, John built a close relationship between supporters and the club and led the voluntary effort needed to repair and maintain the ground. He set an excellent example to others, often seen with a hammer, nails and even on occasions, a cherry picker. He was considered by many of his colleagues on the Board as a model Chairman, approachable, hard working and with a great ability to build contacts with senior club officials.


Thanks John. 

19 August 2015


Thanks to Clive Westbury


The SST would like to give a big thank you and our appreciation to Clive Westbury of Westbury Telford, Chartered Accountants of Cheadle Hulme . Clive, who many will know as a long- time supporter of the Silkmen, kindly volunteered to take on a role as Independent Examiner of the Trust’s annual accounts this year and has offered to continue to do so in the future.  This is a really important matter for the SST because of the legal requirement to have our accounts professionally reviewed each year.


Thanks again Clive !

02 August 2015


SST Annual General Meeting 2015


This will take place in the McIlroy Suite at the Moss Rose starting at 19:45 on Monday 17 August 2015.  It will be followed by an open meeting of the SST Board.  For further details see the AGM page of this website.

01 August 2015


SST Chairman's Response to Questions and Comments regarding the SST on Wraggs to Riches 


With regard to the issue of the fundraising:


The SST made clear in its new objectives (June 2015) that raising funds and facilitating projects that raise funds are high priorities.  There are already a number of fundraising initiatives which the SST are running or supporting including:

  • The Silk Pledge, where fans pledge to donate an amount to the fund based on various criteria such as the number of clean sheets by the team, goals scored by a particular player or points gained. This has run for the last 2 years and raised nearly £4,000.
  • The Easy Fundraising website If you use the internet to shop then sign up to Easy Fundraising, which costs you nothing. Each time you access a shopping website, e.g. Amazon, via the Easy Fundraising site, between 1 and 1.5% goes to the SST. This has raised over £600 despite only 43 people signing up.  
  • The Silk Lotto Although this was a fans’ initiative and not set up by the SST, we have supported it by providing the use of our lottery license, the use of our banking facilities and also by promotion on Social Media. One of our Board members also manages the accounts for the lotto. The Silk Lotto is currently generating £300 a month for the Club.

The SST also holds a Christmas raffle which raises approximately £800 every year.


There are links to all these fundraisers throughout this website.


With regard to the purchase of shares:


As at 2014, Ramy Ltd, the owners of the Club, held £1,676,666 shares. The current value of the SST shareholding is £41,345. Even if every other shareholder transferred their shares to the SST, we would still be well over £1,000,000 short of a controlling interest in the Club, and that is assuming the owner agreed to sell the shares to us.  We therefore do not believe that achieving a majority shareholding is a realistic goal at this time.


At a review earlier this year the SST Board felt that, rather than trying to raise money in order to give to the Club in return for shares, we would try to identify ways that would benefit the Club and supporters and invest money into those. We would also try to assist fan-based initiatives such as the Silk Lotto and the Player of the Year Awards evening.


If the Club’s Operating Committee asks the SST to inject funds directly into the Club (as has occurred in the past),  then we would consider doing that only through a share purchase - in the same way that Directors receive shares in return for investment. Acquiring shares in this way also serves as a reminder of the financial contribution that our members, and all those who have supported our initiatives, have made to Macclesfield Town FC.


We do not receive shares for the Silk Lotto because it is not our initiative. We simply support it because we think it is a good idea that raises much needed funds for the Football Club.


Our AGM is at 7.45pm Monday 17th August in the McIlroy Suite and is followed by an open meeting of the SST Board which people are welcome to attend if they wish to find out more.



Steve Mundy, Chairman SST

01 August 2015


SST Help to Secure Signing of Danny Whitehead


The Silkmen Supporters Trust has contributed £3,000 to Macclesfield Town’s playing budget which, together with contributions from local businessmen, has allowed John Askey to secure the signing of exciting midfielder Danny Whitehead.


On behalf of the SST Board, Chairman Steve Mundy said:


“This was a large part of our remaining cash fund as we have already committed to two other projects; however the decision of the board was that they wanted to support John. That decision was helped by Danny’s impressive pre-season displays and our faith in John’s talent for spotting good players.


“We’d like to welcome Danny to the Club and look forward to watching him this season.


“It’s important to remember however that we were only able to make this contribution because of the financial support we receive from our members and those who support our fund raising activities. If you’re an SST member, you’ve made a Silk Pledge, made a donation or bought a Christmas raffle ticket then you’ve helped bring Danny Whitehead to Macclesfield Town".


29 July 2015


SST Coach to Torquay Cancelled


The SST Board regret that the proposed coach to the Torquay Away game on 08 August has been cancelled because the number of people signing up fell short of the 25 required to make this viable.  We apologise to the fans who had given their names in advance and hope that they will be able to make alternative arrangements.

18 July 2015


Proposed Coach to Torquay Match


At the request of some of our members the Silkmen Supporters Trust has been looking into the possibility of running a coach to Torquay for the opening game of the season.  To make the coach viable we need at least 25 people to go. The price will be £24. However, if the number rises to 30 then the cost will drop to £20.


If you would like to reserve a place on the coach then please with your name and contact number as soon as possible.


If we have sufficient interest by the 25th July to run the coach we will begin taking payments in advance and details of departure times/ pick up point(s) will follow

17 July 2015


Volunteers Needed For Club Shop


We have been asked to see if any of our members would be interested in working in the Club shop on match days.  The Club are ideally looking for a trustworthy person who has experience of dealing with money and knows how to use a computer.  In return for your efforts you will receive free entry to the game.


You will be required from two hours before kick off, at half time and for half an hour after the final whistle - so you will still get to see all of the match. 

With the start of the new season approaching fast, time is tight.

If you are interested, and would like to find out  more, then please contact Rob Stirling, the Club's General Manager at the Club today on 01625 264 686.

24 May 2015


SST Shareholding Exceeds 40,000


A recent share purchase of £2,000 has now taken the Silkmen Supporters Trust’s share ownership to 41,345 shares in Macclesfield Town Football Club.


Steve Mundy, Chairman of the SST, said “The purchase of shares in this way fulfils one of our key principles which is to financially support the Club, but it also allows us to keep track of the financial contribution made since our foundation and is a reminder of the generosity of our members”.

22 February 2015


SST Sponsor the Man of the Match


The Silkmen Supporters Trust sponsored the Man of the Match for the Welling game on the 7th February.  Part of the sponsorship package included corporate hospitality and so the SST board decided to enter all SST members into a free draw for a chance to win a pre-match meal, tickets for the match for the match and the chance to pick the Man of the Match. The four winners would also be allowed to bring a guest.  SST members Alan Brown, Peter Bryant, Peter de Courcy and Richard Swallow were the lucky recipients. They chose Matthew Barnes-Homer as the man of the match in the 3-2 victory.


SST Chairman John Smart said “It was nice to give something back to our members, as well as supporting the Club financially. Everyone had a good time and it is something we will hopefully repeat in the future”.

15 January 2015


Announcement 2015 Elections to the Board of the Silkmen Supporters’ Society Ltd


The rules of the Trust require that one third of board positions are open for election each year and that current members of the Board stand down in turn. Members are entitled to stand in the election and a nomination form is attached; the rules governing the election can be obtained from the Secretary, David Woolliscroft who is contactable via this website.


The current Board is made up as follows:


  • Jon Smart (Chairman) elected 2014
  • John Rayner elected 2014
  • *Myra Clark (Treasurer) elected 2012
  • Andrew Mellor (disability liaison) elected 2013
  • *Robert Wilson elected 2012
  • David Woolliscroft (Secretary) elected 2014
  • John Abbott elected 2014
  • George Williams elected 2014
  • Cathy Pengelly elected 2014
  • Steve Mundy co-opted 2014


Myra Clark and Robert Wilson identified with an asterisk, have each completed a three year term of office: they are eligible to seek re-election. Steve Mundy was co-opted in 2014 and is eligible to seek election.


Therefore, as the Board may have up to 12 members, there are up to five vacancies to be filled by election.


We hope you will consider seeking election to your Trust board. Nomination forms must be returned by 31 January 2015 to be considered.


Should you require more information about the duties of Board members, please feel free to contact any current member of the Board via this website

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