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Chairman’s Christmas Message


As the year draws to a close I would like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported the Silkmen Supporters’ Trust during 2016, especially to


·     All our members

·     Those who stepped down from the Board this year - former Secretary Stephen Walker who, amongst many other things, created our website and Chris Hulme

·    Clive Westbury for auditing our accounts in his own time.

·    David Harrison for donating two season tickets to us which raised three hundred pounds for the Trust

·   Those of you who attended our meetings and put forward your ideas, thoughts and questions

·    All those who contributed to our fundraising activities – our easy Fundraisers, Lotto members and Silk pledgers or bought raffle tickets or donated prizes.

·    Those people who made donations to the SST


On behalf of the SST I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a great 2017 following the Silkmen.


Steve Mundy

SST Chairman 

24 December 2016


Winners of the SST 2016 Christmas Draw


David Bryant,Tom Scholfield, Steve Mundy, Wayne King, Keith Knowles, Bill Brocklehurst, Diane Sparks, Dave Hall, Sheila Grant, Tony Lynn, Will Turner, Margaret Milligan, John Clark and Nicky Crowe.


18 December 2016


Silkmen Supporters' Trust XMAS Draw


The draw has now taken place for this year and our raffle organiser, Myra Clark, is contacting the winners. It has been a great success once again and has raised over £900. A big thank to all those who donated prizes and bought tickets. A special mention to 'Big Jim' Goodwin, who once again donated this year's first prize of the turkey.


24 October 2016

Response to the Supporters’ Survey Part Two – Stadium Improvements

There were three common themes from the survey where people were either dissatisfied with or would like to see improvements to the facilities at the Moss Rose – the PA system, the toilets and the lack of a working scoreboard.

Public Address System

The issues were caused by the lack of working speakers in the London Road side of the ground. This meant that people in the London Road could not hear announcements. However, if the volume was turned up to compensate then it was too loud for people in the rest of the ground.

SST response – We have agreed to pay for two new weatherproof speakers on Butch’s Bar and two further speakers on the north end terrace and also for some wiring and electrical junction replacement.

This work is currently underway.


There were various complaints about the conditions of the toilets, including lack of hot water, working hand dryers and in particular the state of the toilets on London Road.

SST response - The SST carried out a survey of the toilets at the end of August. In the McAlpine, Star Lane and Butch’s Bar, the toilets were generally in a good state (especially compared with some of those at other grounds) and stocked with soap, paper towels and or dryers. We did identify a number of defects for which we have offered to pay for the repair and we have also offered to pay for the replacement of some of the hand dryers which, while working, do not work very well.

The toilets on the London Road are in the worst condition, although again, not as bad as some we have seen. We have been advised that it is not practical to carry out some of the work required during the season. We have agreed to make some funds available at the end of the season so that work can be carried out in the off season.

We are currently awaiting a response from the Club to our offer.


While less mentioned, a working scoreboard was something that some fans would like to see. There would also be revenue generating opportunities for the Club as advertisements on scoreboards command higher prices.

SST response - We have looked into an offer of the disused matrix board from the Cheshire Building Society but the cost of removing and re-siting it and the uncertainty of whether it would actually be suitable for our needs means this has now been discounted. We are now looking into the costs of sourcing a simple LED or dot matrix scoreboard from new. However, this is not something we could fund this season.


9 October 2016


A big thank you to SST member David Harrison who donated two season tickets which he won in a competition to the Silkmen Supporters' Trust. The sale of the tickets raised £300. David is a bit of a legend around MTFC and loves the Club and we are extremely grateful to him for his generosity.


25 September 2016


You will have spotted that there has been little added to the Website recently. That is because sadly our Secretary and ‘Webmaster’, Stephen Walker, has now stepped down from the Board. Stephen created our current Website and his stepping down has left a big pair of shoes to fill. We now have had some very basic training so hopefully things will soon be back to normal. Stephen has volunteered to act as a ‘lifeguard’ for the website (partly, I suspect, because he doesn’t wish to see a year’s worth of endeavour disappear down the drain due to operator error).


SST Newsletter August 2016


A copy of the newsletter that was sent to our members in August.

Silkmen Supporters Trust Newsletter Augu[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [285.6 KB]


SST AGM and Open Board Meeting


This took place in the McIlroy Suite at the Moss Rose  on Monday 15th August 2016


You can download the official notice for the meeting by clinking the link below.  The Annual Report  can be downloaded from the SST Board pages (here)


SST AGM 20150817 - Notice of Meeting Rev[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [257.5 KB]
SST AGM Aug 2016.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [263.2 KB]



28 July 2016


We received a number of questions about the ownership of the Club and the Moss Rose Ground in the survey and at the open SST Board meeting.  We have summarised the issues in the document that you can find just below.  We shared this paper with the Club early in July and are looking forward to their response.  In the meantime you can raise any new questions on the SST Forum (here).


Easyfundraising for SST breaks the £1,000 barrier



The SST would like to say a big thank you to our Easyfundraising members.


As of today, the total raised by Silkmen fans shopping on line using the Easyfundraising site has now reached over £1,030.00. This means that since last August our 50 signed up members have raised a fantastic £400 for the Silkmen Supporters Trust simply by making an extra click on the mouse button. To put it into context that is the equivalent of the sum of money that the SST donated to have the London Road kiosk refurbished, and it didn’t cost our members a penny.

Those of you who have not yet signed up, please take a look at the Easyfundraising page


If 50 people can do this just imagine what could happen if we had 200 signed up!


23 July 2016


Auction of the SST Sponsored John Askey Shirt


SST is pleased to auction the home shirt that we sponsored in 2015/16.   The auction closed at midnight on Friday 22 July 2016 with the successful bid being just £20.00


2 July 2016


Silk Pledge 2016/17 Season


It was a very successful year for the Silk Pledge which  raised £2028.30.  We are very grateful to the fans who have contributed and to John Abbott for his unenviable task of working out how many of our scorers had beards and how many Dan's were on the pitch.  Have a look at the updates here and sign up for the new season.


27 June 16


The SST response to the Survey Part 1 is attached below.

Response to the SST Survey Part 1.docx
Microsoft Word document [17.2 KB]

22 June 2016 - Elections Now Closed


SST Board Elections


Under the rules of our constitution we are required to hold elections for Board Members who have served three years or who have been co-opted rather than elected onto the Board.

Currently we have four co-opted Board Members and one Board Member who has served three years and therefore we have five positions up for election.

  • Andy Mellor – Disabilities Liaison Officer (served three years)
  • Chris Hulme (co-opted)
  • Marie Grundy (co-opted)
  • Bernie Rickman – Membership Secretary (co-opted)
  • Chrissie Thompson (co-opted)

General Responsibilities of Board Members


Members are required to work with each other in order to meet our Objectives and to attend monthly Board meetings.   Some board positions such as Membership Secretary and Disabilities Liaison Officer carry additional responsibilities. For further information, contact the SST Secretary by email ( .


If you would like to stand for election to the Board then you need to be nominated by two existing board members [1] and complete the nomination form which is available on the SST website ( /) and send it together with your candidate statement to  or to our postal address, Silkmen Supporters' Trust, c/o SAS Daniels, Churchill Chambers, Churchill Way, Macclesfield SK11 6AY no later than 22 June 2016.


Full elections rules can be found here.


[1] A signed letter of nomination from a member, or email from the address a member has given the Secretary for receiving Society communications, are acceptable substitutes for a signature on the candidate’s nomination form


21 May 2016 - Auction Closed


Auction for Richard Branagan's Jersey


Thanks to a kind donation by Roy McAteer, who originally sponsored Ritchie's shirt this season, we are now able to auction our goalkeeper's unique crimson away shirt.  The auction will run until midnight on Friday 20 May 2016.


Results of the SST Spring 2016 Survey


You can download a report that contains the full results of the recent survey using the link below.  When these results have been reviewed and the common themes identified, the SST Board expect to revise and publish a new set of objectives and plans for the future.


SST Spring 2016 Supporter Survey - Full Results Report
201604 Survey Results Full Final (2) (1)[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [149.2 KB]


08 April 2016


It's Good to Talk


Part 1

As you may be aware there has been a lot of criticism levelled at the Club recently regarding the perceived or actual lack of communication from the Club and so I am pleased that the Club has agreed to hold a Fans’ Forum this coming Thursday (14th April) 2016 at 6.30pm in the McIlroy suite. Both Chairman Mark Blower and John Askey will be in attendance. On behalf of the SST I would urge as many of you as possible to take this opportunity to find out what you want to know about the current operation and future plans for your Club. While the internet can be a useful tool for disseminating information, face to face conversation is a vital part of the communication process.


Part 2

Sometimes a breakdown in communications can be down to an oversight, and I am grateful to one of our members for pointing out that the SST had not had an open meeting since the AGM last August.

The next SST Board will therefore be open to all current members of the Silkmen Supporters Trust. It is this Monday (11th April) at 7.30pm in the McIlroy suite. We will be giving members an update on our most recent activities (including the survey) and there will also be an opportunity for members to put questions or raise issues about MTFC to the Board.




Steve Mundy

SST Chairman


03 April 2016


SST Supporter Survey Now Closed


The Silkmen Supporters Trust survey which aims to get a better understanding of the views of our members and other supporters in relation to both Macclesfield Town Football Club and also our own organisation closed at 16:30 on Friday 01 April 2016.


We are now reviewing and analysing the results and hope to discuss them at the forthcoming open meeting of the SST Board (11 April 2016) , as well as summarising them on this website.  We will make the draw to see who has won the two free match tickets shortly.


April 2016


SST Purchase Another £1,000 Shares in MTFC


The Silkmen Supporters' Trust has purchased another £1,000 worth of shares in the Football Club taking our total shareholding to 42,745. Although last year as a Board we made a decision that purchasing shares was not to be a major priority, some members indicated at our AGM that they still wanted the acquisition of shares to be part of our objectives. As a result of the fantastic support we received for our Christmas raffle we were in a position to make this purchase. Thank you to all those who bought tickets and thank you also to all those who provided prizes. A special thanks to ‘Big Jim’ Goodwin for, once again, providing us with a turkey.







Left to Right


Andy Mellor (SST), Mark Blower (Chairman MTFC), Myra Clark (SST)


31 March 2016


SST Open Board Meeting


Notes of the meeting held on Monday 21 March 2016 can be found here


24 February 2016


Silk Disco’s Have All the Right Moves for a Silky Sunday!!


Since the demise of Wednesday evenings at Chicago Rock in Macclesfield when it closed its doors to the public just under two and a half years ago, many people with learning and physical disabilities have struggled to enjoy a really fabulous night out that involves dancing and socialising with many of their friends. However, thanks to the efforts of the dynamic duo of Dean Holmes & Sean Worth aka SILK DISCO’S who are the fantastic resident DJ’s at the Moss Rose, the home of our beloved Silkmen; Sunday nights are starting to become a real ‘boogie night experience’ in the Mcllroy Suite. It is here, where the latest sounds are moved and grooved to with all the zest and enthusiasm that can be seen in any of the clubs around Macclesfield and the surrounding areas during the course of a weekend.


Since the introduction of ‘Silky Sundays’ only a few short months ago there has been a fantastic response from the local disabled community who have flocked to the event in ever increasing numbers to enjoy a fabulous night out that also includes one of the legendary chip butties courtesy of the ‘lovely Helen Bona & not so lovely Paul Bona’ and their superb supporting crew of staff. Sean and Dean have been ably supported by some fabulous volunteers including Darren Brodrick and Louise Nicholson (and not forgetting Robert Stirling and Andy Worth) and they have all been overwhelmed by the amazing response since the introduction of this initiative.  

Darren, who is a Service Manager at David Lewis, the most recent charity partner of the Super Silk Lotto said “it has been an absolute pleasure to be at the start of this brilliant adventure where disabled people have a night out that makes them feel like valued people within their local community, and where you witness a real sense of community presence and participation and the guys and girls are doing what you and I take for granted whenever we go out every weekend.”

Dean Holmes of Silk Disco’s has been equally enthused with what he has seen since the start of Silky Sundays and spoke of how “Sean (Worth) and I love Silky Sundays because as soon as the music goes on, the dance floor is filled with people doing some fabulous dance moves, their faces full of smiles and they really make the night so worthwhile. We are doing these nights for free and want as many people to know about this fab night as we can!”


The most important people who we to be asked are of course those fantastic lads and lasses who come along to have a good time at Silky Sundays.


Ben Rosenberg said “It is like a really great party on Sunday nights and I think that it is really good that people are themselves. The DJ’s play brilliant exciting music; all the staff are really helpful and you can have a good dance which is great for your coordination as well as making friends with lots of new people which is great, so keep it rolling mate.” Margaret Cadman then had the last word by saying “I really like it at Silky Sundays. The music is really good, everyone is really friendly and the chip butties and raffle are great. I keep telling all my friends about how good it is.”

Remember that you have to be there or be square, so if you or anyone you know with a disability would like to be a part of the fabulous ‘Silky Sundays’ then get down to the Mcllroy Suite at the Moss Rose Stadium between 7p.m. and 9p.m. (with only £1.00 for entry) and for further information contact any of the following numbers:


DEAN HOLMES: 07530068925 SEAN WORTH: 07530276725

DARREN BRODRICK: 07837057265   ANDY WORTH: 07884441620



Steve Mundy, SST Chairman, said “I recently had the pleasure of attending a Super Silk disco for the 60th Birthday party of Silkmen fan and legend Julian “Get Tipton on!” Bramhall. Everybody had a great time. The organisers are a credit to the Football Club and they are putting Macclesfield Town FC into the heart of the community in a truly positive way. They should be proud of the work they do.”

Trust Statement Regarding the Departure of the Club General Manager Robert Stirling


The Silkmen Supporters Trust wishes to express its disappointment at the news that Robert Stirling has resigned from his role as Club General Manager and would like to wish him all the best for the future.


The Trust already had a good working relationship with Robert prior to his becoming Club Manager as he was one of the founding members of the Silk Lotto which we support. Once he became Club Manager he agreed to regular meetings with the Trust during which we were able to raise fans issues with him and discuss projects to support the Club and the fans. Although we did not always agree, Robert was always prepared to listen to us and through these meetings we were also able to establish SST membership benefits, the refurbishment of the Tea Kiosk on London Road and the promotion of the Club through a presence at the Christmas Market.


Steve Mundy, SST Chair, said “One of our key objectives is to try and get the views of fans across to the Club and Robert enabled us to do that. Communication is a key aspect of the fan/ Club relationship and although we don’t know whether or not Robert will be replaced, we will be looking to the Club to continue these meetings.”  

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