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31st December 2017


Silkmen Supporters Trust support the Silkmen Campaign Fund

As you may have seen on the Official Site, Macclesfield Town FC have launched a Silkmen Campaign Fund to raise funds which will be used solely for additions to John Askey's playing budget – for full details see here

The Campaign will work in the same way as last year’s, with investors receiving their donation back plus the same amount again if the team reaches the Football League. Last year, however, the campaign ran at the start of the Season whereas this year we’re already half way there.  

John Askey has done a tremendous job in getting us to the top of the National League. Our number one aim has to be to return to the Football League and if anybody can get us there then it’s John and the SST wants to help. Investment by the fans and the SST in the past has enabled John to bring such great players as Danny Whitehead and David Fitzpatrick to the Club and we think that this initiative gives people an opportunity to help John strengthen the team for the second half of the season.

To show our support the SST are investing £1,000 in the Campaign.




24th December 2017

As the year draws to a close I would like to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported the Silkmen Supporters’ Trust during 2017, especially to


•           All our members

•           Those who stepped down from the Board this year - Secretary David Woolliscroft and Communications Officer George Williams

•           Clive Westbury for auditing our accounts in his own time.

•           Julie Mitchell, David Bettany and Chrissie Thompson for donating items to sell on our website which have raised over £100

•           Those of you who attended our meetings and put forward your ideas, thoughts and questions

•           All those who contributed to our fundraising activities – our easy Fundraisers, Lotto members and Silk pledgers or bought raffle tickets or donated prizes

SST Christmas Raffle

Once again, Myra Clark has done a terrific job with the Christmas raffle, which raised the grand sum of £920.64. Thanks again to all those who bought tickets or donated prizes. A special thanks to ‘Big Jim’ Goodwin who donated the turkey. The prize winners were as follows

Hamper - Ticket 816   Pete Rawlinson

Turkey   - Ticket 215   John Potts

Whisky   - Ticket 737  Sam Fixter

Whisky  - Ticket  334  Rob Heyes

Other prize winners were

547 Peter Robinson, 630 Steve Mundy, 862 Anne Barton, 452 Sarah Hancock, 115 Joyce Riley, 397  Chrissie Thompson


December Super Silk Lotto Winners

1st December – John Smart

8th December – Derrick Knowles

15th December – Peter Warren

22nd December – 148 Stuart Gosling


On behalf of the SST I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a great 2018 following the Silkmen.

Steve Mundy

SST Chairman


4 December 2017

An Announcement on behalf of




Your Club; Your Lotto; Your Community!


Another year has flown by and it is now 3 years ago since the Super Silk Lotto was formed.  The objective has now been successfully achieved which was to create a local community lottery that would primarily  raise funds  for Macclesfield Town Football Club whilst also teaming up with a local community partner and providing an opportunity for people within your local community to potentially earn themselves a £100 every week from a stake as little as £1. 


Since this time, the Super Silk Lotto has gone from strength to strength.   In the first year David Lewis benefited; in the 2nd year Ollie’s Army benefited and most recently Space4Autism.  As a consequence of our involvement with Space4Autism we were able to facilitate:-


•             38 complimentary match day tickets as guests of MTFC in addition to a well-received bucket collection

•             The involvement of Macclesfield Juniors FC to support a Space4Autism football team

•             Donation of £666.67 from the Community Shield Fund

•             Hosting an end of year dinner with George Michael tribute in providing venue and DJ by Silk Discos. 

•             A final £100 cheque donation.


We are delighted to announce our community partner for the forthcoming 12 months is MAC Multi-Activity Centre, Goodall St, Macclesfield SK11 7BD Phone: 01625 569556. 


The MAC Multi-Activity Centre is a community interest company working toward charitable status. This means that they are committed to improving recreational facilities for the people of Macclesfield and the wider community. They aim to keep their prices low and any profits made are re-invested to further improve the centre. The main activities are roller-skating and bouldering and also have a cafe and with a view to add more developments in the future.  Further information can be found by accessing their website at


Like to know more about the Super Silk Lotto? Look here!

3 December 2017


Sad News

It has been sad couple of weeks as we have lost not one but two friends and loyal Silkmen supporters.

R.I.P Hilary Woolliscroft

One of the original members of the SST and wife of our former Secretary, David, Hilary was diagnosed with cancer in the summer 2016 and was told that she may have only six months to live. But she fought back with courage and dignity and with David’s love and support she not only outlasted all expectations, but was still able to get to the Moss Rose to watch her beloved Silkmen.

Hilary – you will be missed.

A celebration of Hilary’s life will be held at Macclesfield Crematorium on Tuesday 12th December at 10am. Flowers will be provided by the family only and at Hilary’s request, anyone planning to come and celebrate her life is urged to wear football shirts rather than the traditional black.

R.I.P. David “Moose” Littler.

It was after a period of extensive caring by David of close family members -  his father, Alan, his mother Margaret and his wife, Linda, that Dave became very ill himself . Unfortunately he lost that battle when he passed away on Tuesday November 21st 2017 at 10.45pm.

As one of the founders with his father of the “Moose Tours” to MTFC away games, he provided not just transport for Silkmen Supporters but many memories of happiness and enjoyment on these encounters. He was also a star turn in the Sutton Christmas Panto.

Moose – you will be missed.

A church service will be held at Sutton Church at 12pm on Monday 11th December and following on from this, the McIlroy Suite will be open from 12:30 – where it is hoped that as many people as possible will attend to pay tribute to a wonderful man.

19 November 2017



The Silkmen Supporters Trust Annual General Meeting took place on 13th November.

The financial statements for the period covering the 17 month period ending the 30th June 2017 were adopted (proposed by James Goodwin and seconded by Chrissie Thompson).

The independent examination of the accounts was carried out by Silkmen fan Clive Westbury to whom the SST are extremely grateful. We are required to have a yearly examination of our financial statements and if we had to pay an outside person this would cost a considerable sum.


Sadly, no new people stood for election this year and two Board Members of long service (George Williams and David Woolliscroft) stood down.

George Williams

George joined the Board in 2008 and apart from a short interlude has served as the Trust’s Communication Officer since then. He developed the Club’s Twitter and Face Book accounts and was also responsible for sending out all the e-mail communications. He has also served as Vice Chairman for the last two and a half years.

David Woolliscroft

David also joined the Board in 2008 and has served as Hon Secretary for most of that time. Following the Club’s relegation from the Football League and its subsequent financial problems, David served as a Director for the Football Club and helped keep the Club afloat during that time.

Both George and David have spent countless hours of their free time to support the SST, the Club and its fans. On behalf of the SST I would like to thank them for their immense contribution to the Trust and its objectives during the last nine years.


The current Board is as follows

Steve Mundy (Chairman)

Myra Clark (Treasurer)

John Abbott (Accounts and Finance)

Andy Mellor (Disabilities Liaison Officer)

Chrissie Thompson (Communications)

Marie Grundy (Lotto and Minutes Sec)

Bernie Rickman (Membership Secretary)

John Smart (Board Member)


We will be looking to increase the size of the Board in the New Year by co-opting additional members so if you think you may be interested then please e-mail

There followed an open meeting beginning with a short report into how the SST had tried to meet its objectives during the last 17 months through fundraising, paying for equipment for the Club and for improvements to the ground. Also, the efforts which had been made to try and improve communications between the Club and the fans.

Finances - The Trust’s current finances stand at around £6,500.

Lotto – The Lotto has approximately 260 members and continues to pay £500 to the Club every month. The Lotto has also been able to pay for; a grass strimmer for Gary the groundsman, the creation of a children’s play area in the McAlpine Stand and for half of the cost of a new glasswasher and ice machine for the McIlroy suite.

Membership – There had been 22 renewals and two new members bringing the total to just under 130.

The SST would like to thank all those who came to the meeting and put forward their thoughts and ideas.


12 November 2017


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Non League football now officially more exciting than Premier League! 


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06 November 2017

Silk Lotto and SST Provide New Equipment for the McIlroy Suite


The Silk Lotto and the Silkmen Supporters Trust have combined to purchase a new Glasswasher and an Ice Machine for the McIlroy suite.

On behalf of the Super Silk Lotto organising committee Andy Worth said “When we were approached by Elli Denton about helping to purchase the glass washer and ice maker we were delighted to help this really cool idea to in support of our beloved Silkmen! I will have to come clean (ok enough of the dodgy puns) and simply state that the McIlroy suite is a fantastic facility  which is used not only on match days but throughout the year for a range of functions. Anything we can do that optimises the high quality service provided by Elli and her brilliant team of dedicated staff is our pleasure to provide support for”

Silkmen Supporters Trust Chairman, Steve Mundy, said "Elli and her staff work very hard to provide a good service not only to fans but to non-match day users of the suite which helps generate much needed revenue and we were pleased to be able to help. A big thank you to our members and financial supporters who have made our support possible."


SST Annual Report 2017
This is an unsigned copy of the Annual Report prepared for the Annual General Meeting on the 13th November 2017.
SST Annual Report 2017.pdf 
Adobe Acrobat document [630.6 KB]



21 October 2017

Registered Office

SAS Daniels Solicitors

Churchill Way

Macclesfield SK11 6AY



21st October 2017

The Silkmen Supporters Society Ltd

Annual General Meeting


Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Silkmen Supporters Society Ltd will be held at 19:45 on Monday 13th November 2017 at  

McIlroy Suite, MTFC, Moss Lane, Macclesfield.


The agenda for the meeting is given below.


All Members and supporters are invited to attend but only Society Members are entitled to vote. The Annual Report and Associated Financial Statements (item 2) are available through the Society website ( ).




  1. To hear the notice convening the meeting.
  2. To receive and adopt the Financial Statements (including Statement of Financial Activities, Balance Sheet and related Report) (Resolution 1) for the 17 month period ending 30th June 2017.
  3. To note the outcome of the invitation to Members to consider nomination to the Board of the Society and to introduce the new Board.




In order to progress the business of the meeting, the following resolution will be proposed for adoption:



The Members of the Silkmen Supporters Society Ltd present at the General Meeting held on 13thNovember 2017 receive and adopt the financial statements prepared by the Society’s Independent Examiner and the Report of the Board for the year ended 30 June 2017.



There will be a meeting after the AGM which will include the opportunity to put questions to the SST Board and will finish no later than 9-15pm.


15 October 2017


Top ten Non League Grounds to visit?


Those of you who made the visit to the War Memorial Ground at Stourbridge yesterday may be surprised to see that it made the list  A cut and shut of a cricket pitch and a football field, it was not without a quirky charm but I'm not sure it would have been in my top ten.


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SST August Newsletter
Silkmen Supporters Trust Newsletter Aug [...] 
Adobe Acrobat document [518.4 KB]

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Red faced keeper time (no, not ours)



3 September 2017


Minutes of Open Meeting 14 August
Minutes of Meeting 14.8.17.pdf 
Adobe Acrobat document [496.9 KB]
Silk Pledge Application Form
Silk Pledge Application 17-18.docx 
Microsoft Word document [15.5 KB]



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  • Super Silk Lotto update, the winner today is number 304 Maureen Bernard! Well done Maureen and thank you for supporting the Lotto!

  • Super Silk Lotto update, the winner today is number 66 George Williams! Well done George and thank you for supporting the Lotto!

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