News from 2019


22nd May 2019


SST Statement regarding a face to face meeting with Amar AlKadhi



On Thursday 16th May 2019, contact was made by email with Macclesfield Town Football Club majority shareholder Amar AlKadhi to request a face to face meeting with him to discuss a number of concerns with regards to recent events at the football club including such examples as persistent late payment of the wages of playing and non playing staff and the recent court hearing; how we will pay for necessary ground improvements and the future of Butch’s Bar.


On Friday 17th May 2019 Amar responded by email to advise that the club are currently in the process of sorting out issues from last season; sorting out player contracts and undertaking an extensive overhaul / reorganisation of backroom staff and procedures. Amar advised he would make contact again in a few weeks time.


The SST has sought assistance from Supporters Direct who have proved invaluable in helping to establish over 200 supporters trusts in the United Kingdom and facilitating a meaningful role for supporters with their respective clubs. They have vast experience at supporting clubs facing very difficult circumstances, and further information will be forthcoming over the course of the next few days regarding the next steps following further dialogue with Supporters Direct.


Andy Worth 


Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust   



9th May 2019


Statement from the SST regarding the non payment of wages to players and staff of MTFC


The board of the Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) would like to place on record their significant angst and disappointment regarding the context of the statement that was released by Macclesfield Town players yesterday where it has highlighted that they had still not received their wages that were due to them on the 30th April 2019.


Within the body of the statement it would appear that it is not only the players but the backroom staff that have still not been paid their wages for April 2019.


The incredible efforts of the team with the dedicated support of the backroom staff having helped to preserve our precious English Football League (EFL) status (despite the off field issues relating to their wages) bears testimony to how lucky we are at Macclesfield Town Football Club to have had such a fantastic group of playing and non-playing staff.


Upon reading this statement, we as fans will feel even prouder of them than we were when the final whistle blew at the conclusion of the game with Cambridge United last Saturday afternoon.


The players and staff of this wonderful little club of ours do not deserve this appalling treatment and so we urge the hierarchy of Macclesfield Town Football Club to remedy this situation with immediate effect.


The SST board will of course be providing further open correspondence as to the next steps we intend to take in support of our players and staff over the course of the next few days, and intend to work tirelessly in doing as much as possible as representatives of our wonderful fan-base to help to ensure a viable future for our beloved club which means so much to us all.


Andy Worth


Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust



28th April 2019


The Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) board would like to place on record how deeply saddened it was to hear of the physical and verbal abuse that was received by owner Amar Alkhadi and his wife at Stoke train station following the fabulous result against Port Vale on Saturday afternoon.


The SST fully supports the right of ALL Silkmen supporters to air their grievances in a peaceful and appropriate manner, but totally deplores the use of any physical and verbal abuse that could negatively impact upon the physical and emotional wellbeing of  another individual.


We therefore implore ALL of our fellow Silkmen supporters behave in a non aggressive and socially appropriate manner regarding any grievances that they wish to highlight.


Andy Worth


Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust



12th April 2019


On the 1st April 2019 the Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) board wrote to the Silkmen hierarchy regarding concerns about the disastrous and completely unnecessary closure of London Road terrace for the home game against Stevenage Boro on Saturday 23rd March 2019 and another lack of / late payment of our amazing players and backroom staff. Within the context of the letter we made it clear that without a satisfactory response, we would consider initiating a request for ALL volunteers to withhold the labour that they currently freely provide to the club, and withdrawal of all financial support from the SST and Super Silk Lotto to the club until a prompt and successful resolution of these issues.


The SST board met on Monday 8th April 2019 for their monthly meeting where we discussed the subsequent responses from major shareholder Amar AlKadhi, and as a consequence the following was agreed:

  • It is NOT currently in the best interests of Macclesfield Town Football Club at such a crucial time in our season to encourage /  facilitate withdrawal of volunteer labour that could lead to cancellation of a forthcoming English Football League (EFL) game at the Moss Rose. This could also potentially lead to the possibility of fines and points deduction that could seriously jeopardise our future in the EFL, and also potentially contribute to further cash flow problems that could result in late / non payment of our fantastic players, management and backroom staff of this wonderful club of ours.
  • There will be an immediate suspension of the £500 per month contribution from the Super Silk Lotto and we will not currently respond to any requests to the SST and Lotto for financial support to the club. This suspension of financial support will remain in situ until the ludicrous situation surrounding London Road (which has caused unnecessary angst and upset for so many of our decent law abiding supporters) is resolved, and there are assurances from the Silkmen hierarchy that the late payment of the players, management and backroom staff will nor recur.
  • The SST board have provided their backing for a PEACEFUL protest march from Macclesfield Town Hall to the Moss Rose stadium prior to the home game against Newport County on Monday 22nd April 2019 (Easter Monday)  to facilitate the opportunity for Silkmen fans to highlight their anger and frustration regarding what occurred in the London Road side of the stadium on March 23rd 2019 and since this date.
  • The organisers of the march would love to see Silkmen fans of any age, sex or demographic to attend the march, and have provided assurances to the SST board that they been in contact with the police regards to the planned march. Close adherence to every aspect of information / guidance received by police and other agencies (as apposite) will be undertaken by the organisers of the march. This is a PEACEFUL march to help to visibly demonstrate the hurt and outrage that the closure of London Road has caused to so many decent and well behaved supporters within that side of the stadium. For any further information on the event please search in Facebook for ‘March on the Moss’.




Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust



3rd April 2019


Feedback from discussion with Amar AlKadhi


Amar AlKadhi contacted me by telephone on the afternoon of the 1st April 2019 before the 5p.m. deadline where we held discussion about the situation regarding London Road and non payment of wages to players and staff. Here is a summary of the context of the conversation which I got Sean to listen in on to add as much objectivity as possible!!



  • Amar spoke of how a statement had gone out yesterday highlighting the rationale as to why a decision was made to close sections of the London Road terrace which he reaffirmed was due to abusive language and intimidating behaviour from a number of people in London Road. I advised Amar that from what I had seen on the unofficial message boards that the response to this had been far from positive with a generic feeling that ‘a hammer to crack a nut’ approach had been taken with the subsequent effect that many people who have never been abusive or intimidatory have been unfairly treated. Amar acknowledged that some people had been unfairly adversely affected and offered assurances that the situation would be reviewed at the end of the season.
  • Amar stated that he himself had been the subject of a number of episodes of verbal abuse and that he had bore the brunt of racist comment as well which he said he was able to manage because he was ‘thick skinned’ regarding such matters.
  • Amar stated that after reflection of the events of the Stevenage game, it had been decided to open the central part of London Road terrace but only to season ticket holders at this time. Amar reaffirmed that the situation would be reviewed at the end of the season.
  • I stated that the lack of communication about the matter had led to all sorts of operational issues akin to chaos such as late entry into the football ground and difficulties in accessing the popular Butch’s Bar from both London Road and Star Lane End at half-time. Amar did not comment on this point and detracted away from it.
  • I asked Amar why could not a less draconian measure have been used such as an increased steward presence in that vicinity that could quickly identify those who were actually subjecting others to this intimidating behaviour / abusive language and undertake a suitable protocol that is reflected within the club’s behaviour policy that the use of threatening behaviour, foul and abusive behaviour, racial, homophobic and discriminatory abuse chanting and harassment can result in arrest and / or ejection from the ground. Amar stated that in view of the current climate surrounding racism in football, he wanted to reduce any risks that the club could be implicated in such a way if such events were potentially caught on camera. I subsequently indicated that the club has a history of employing Black, Asian and other non-white minority ethnic (BAME) managers in recent years as well as a number of BAME players, and that from a personal perspective, that despite the relatively low numbers of ethnic minorities in the town, that I had rarely witnessed racial overtones.
  • I advised Amar that Dean Holmes (who helps to run Butch’s Bar) had highlighted to me that bar takings for the Stevenage game were £550 less than that of the previous game which is a not insignificant amount of money when considering the club’s recently highlighted financial problems. This was not helped by people from Star Lane End (SLE) not been able to access Butch’s Bar. Amar stated that he has been in conversation with Bob Trafford regarding this matter and as a result, has tasked him with managing the logistics associated with the operational issues of this at future games.



  • Amar described a ‘fluid’ situation regarding the club’s finances and that he is guided by those involved in day to day dealings with the club as to how much he is expected to underwrite for the club and that this is reviewed monthly.
  • Amar spoke of how there had been significant recent investment to try to retain the club’s EFL status and clearly highlighted that this was in spite of the bookmakers effectively having us as relegated before Christmas.
  • Amar stated that the most recent problems with paying wages on time were linked to the postponement of the Exeter game that led to a £30,000 shortfall and ‘disappointing season ticket sales for this stage of the season’ that meant that the club were somewhere in the region of 40% down in terms of revenue in comparison to recent years.
  • Amar stated that until a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is appointed he would be acting in that role. Amar was unsure as to when the new CEO would be appointed.
  • I advised Amar that there was strong feeling amongst the Silkmen faithful that this was becoming an all too frequent occurrence which was bound to impact upon the morale of the Silkmen players and backroom staff at such a crucial time in the season when we are trying to retain our EFL status. Amar acknowledged this and stated that he would be doing all in his power to ensure that such incidents do not recur in the future.



The discussion with Amar provided more questions than answers. Based upon the responses, we as the Silkmen Supporters Trust will now consider initiating more proactive approaches such as those outlined in their previous letter to Amar (1st April 2019) to ensure a better matchday experience for our loyal and passionate fan base and timely payment of wages for our brilliant players and backroom staff.


Andy Worth


Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust



1st April 2019


Before the Sky Bet League Two fixture with Stevenage, MTFC made the decision to close sections of the London Road Terrace as a result of intimidating behaviour and abusive language which a minority of supporters were subjecting everyone to.

This has no place at the Moss Rose and it was for the safety of everyone that this difficult decision was taken.

Equally, we could not risk the potential of this having a negative effect on the football being played - especially at such a critical part of the season.

Matchday tickets to the Weston Park Care Home Stand were also impacted by this, as MTFC were conscious that those who display anti-social behaviour at our games would move into the seated area and thus create a safety concern for all those who enjoy matches in that part of the ground.

Whilst MTFC are committed to eradicating every type of abuse from the Moss Rose, whether verbal or physical, it also recognises that there are many loyal supporters who have stood in the central part of the London Road terrace for a vast number of years and it represents a fundamental part of their matchday experience.

As a result, MTFC would like to advise that although the areas directly behind both home and away dugouts will remain closed, the central part of the terrace will be open to season ticket holders ahead of this Saturday's game against Morecambe.

In terms of the Weston Park Care Homes stand, this will also be open to season ticket holders as was the case during our previous home game.

Due to the reasons outlined above, there will be no matchday sales to both these areas of the ground for the remainder of the 2018/19 season.

MTFC wholeheartedly apologise to all those who are impacted by this and assure you that it is the safety of all our supporters which must take paramount importance.

Matchday tickets remain available for the Premier Estates Stand and the Big Brand Ideas Stand and the staff at the club offices will be more than happy to assist you in purchasing these.

In addition, if you have a season ticket in the London Road Terrace or the Weston Park Care Home Stand then MTFC are more than willing to exchange this for a ticket in another area of the ground in order for you to be able to watch our remaining games with non-season ticket holding family and friends.

Please contact Fan Liaison Manager Bob Trafford at or pop into the club offices to arrange this.



1st April 2019



Amar Alkhadi/Mark Blower/ Accounts Department
℅ Macclesfield Town Football Club
Moss Rose Stadium
London Road
SK11 7SP

1st April 2019


Dear Amar,


First of all I would like to place on record that you contacted me by text on Friday 29th March 2019 to request that I contact you but I was unable to speak with you at that time due to sorting out with issues with my mother who had recently been discharged from hospital. I then tried to contact you by telephone several hours later and left a voicemail message but to the time of this email I have not had any further contact with you, and request that you acknowledge and respond to the following.


Following the letter on behalf the Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) dated 25/03/19  at 9.10am you responded on the 25/03/19 at 10. 32am to say that you would provide a detailed formal response within several days but this has sadly not been forthcoming to the time of this email.


The board of the SST were also very distressed regarding emerging news that players and staff have NOT been paid on time once again. As a consequence, we the SST have been inundated with messages from Silkmen fans wishing to relay to us (as official fans representatives) their outrage at the lack of response not only regarding the decision to close London Road but reports from the BBC that players and staff have not been paid on time again this month.


As a consequence I write to you on behalf of the SST board, to seek urgent clarification not only with regard to a contemporary update regarding the situation that occurred within the London Road side of the Moss Rose stadium, but also as to why the fantastic playing and non playing staff of our beloved club appear to be treated with utter contempt at a time when everything should be done to maximise their  input towards preserving our precious football league status.


The board of the SST are NOT willing / prepared to just sit back and allow this to happen. If a satisfactory response is not received by 5pm on Monday 1st April 2019, the SST board will undertake serious consideration as to not only initiating a request for ALL volunteers to withhold the labour that they currently freely provide to the club, but withdrawal of all monetary support from the SST and Super Silk Lotto to the club until a prompt and successful resolution of these issues.


Andy Worth


Chairman of the Silkmen Supporters Trust



25th March 2019


Amar Alkhadi/Mark Blower/ Kevin Green
℅ Macclesfield Town Football Club
Moss Rose Stadium
London Road
SK11 7SP

25th March 2019



Dear Kevin, Mark & Amar.


The Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) has five key objectives, and within these objectives it involves working with the club to improve the matchday experience; providing a channel of communication between the fans and the club, and identifying supporters issues, assess them and where possible try to resolve them with the club.


I write to you o n behalf of the board of the SST to place on record our anger and distress with regards to the events that occurred during Macclesfield Town’s home game against Stevenage on Saturday 23rd March 2019 where many longstanding fans were removed from their usual place in front of the old main stand on London Road. This was nothing short of scandalous and subsequently made the matchday experience of a significant number of our supporters anything but enjoyable.


There was NO communication about this matter with key members of the matchday team including Robert Stirling & Dean Holmes from Butch’s Bar or myself in the role of Public Announcer. There was no information for me to be able to provide those from the London Road side of the ground with any information about what was going on.


Many fans were left queuing to get in until well into the first half of the game and fans were displaced from friends and family in both the old main stand and on the terraces. Butch’s Bar (which provides a significant income into the club coffers on matchdays) witnessed a significant dip in its matchday income and then at half-time many of the regulars from Star Lane End who regularly go for a half-time drink in Butch’s Bar were denied access by the plethora of stewards within the ground; again with NO rationale as to why this was the case.


We believe that the Silkmen fans who were so adversely affected by the events of 23rd March 2019 showed remarkable restraint despite what we believe to be intense provocation, and the official statement that came out following the game provided a some what confusing and ill conceived rationale for such action, as the very statement itself acknowledged that this section of the crowd houses a number of our most passionate, loyal and dedicated supporters. At a time when the club needs to look to forge an "against all odds" mentality with its small but fantastic fan-base; it scores a massive 'own goal’ by effectively alienating a large section of them with the completely over the top approach that was taken.


We therefore urge that immediate steps are taken to reverse what we believe to be a draconian and unfair action in London Road; offer an apology for the way in which this action was delivered, and ensure that for the rest of the season the section of the London Road that was closed is reopened for the remainder of our home games as we embark on the last leg of our survival fight to remain in the English Football League.


We also request an urgent fans forum BEFORE the end of this season with you all to allow supporters to air their issues of concern to you.


I look forward to your prompt and reasonable response.


Andy Worth


Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust



26th February 2019




On Friday 1st March the McIlroy suite will be hosting a race night (to raise funds for Danny's testimonial season) which also includes a two course meal and a Q&A with the legend himself for just 20 pounds .


The event is from 7pm till late.


The event will be faciltated by the deadly trio of Dean Homes, Robert Stirling and Sean Worth who will be aided and abetted by our Chairman Andy Worth.


This is a real chance for the Silkmen hardcore to pay homage to a player who has been a fantastic ambassador for the club both on and off the pitch. The tickets have been going well but it would be great to see the McIlroy absolutely rammed and us making piles of cash for Danny.

If you can make it, then please do and help to make it another memorable night in Danny's testimonial year.


Tickets are available from any of the above people or from Marie Grundy



15th February 2019







Andy thanked Amar, Mark and Kevin for meeting to take the opportunity to answer face
to face some of the questions raised in recent communications:-

FANS FORUMS - Mark pointed out there is a EFL requirement to hold 2 forums per
year, as pointed out a his meeting with the whistle blowers. Mark pointed out that this
season he has met with both the whistleblowers and the SST Board this year. Both
Mark and Amar indicated that they reply to all emails sent to them from fans etc. It was
indicated that a further fans forum was being looked at but that it was not felt suitable at
this moment as all efforts were being made improve the teams position in the league,
however this will be looked at when in a better.position. Kevin indicated that there are
some promotions being looked at, to attract an increased number of fans at the game
against Exeter and the highly important game against Morecambe later in the season.

Andy asked if there were plans for a ‘Meet the Manager’ now that Sol Campbell is in
post. Amar indicated that it was a timing issue as Sol is busy building a team and .
getting to know the area.

SPONSORSHIP FROM LOCAL BUSINESS - Mark indicated that whilst local
businesses who had previously supported MTFC had been given the opportunity to
continue sponsoring the club this was no longer the case. One of the reasons being
that now we are in a higher league the cost of sponsorships had increased and they did
not feel they wanted to invest the amounts indicated.


Mark did however indicated that more than 72 businesses in the local area are
displaying posters etc in their premises.

DEBENTURE - Andy asked the reason for the debenture. However, Amar indicated
that this was a standard business procedure and did not want to say anything further on
the issue.

FANS EXPERIENCE/INCREASE IN FUNDING - Andy asked what the club is doing to
increase the number of diners/supporters on match day. Mark indicated that James
Beckett is now the Commercial Manager and is making every effort to sell the club to
local people and corporate packages for the match day experience. Mark accepted that
this had been an issue at the beginning of the season and felt that this could have been
due to some negativity from employees that had left the club during last season but
indications are that this is improving. Both Nicky and Keith are making every effort in
selling the McIlroy as a venue to the general public.

It was felt that this is improving now that Sol is in post. Indeed Bernie indicated that the
away support has increased at recent games. It has also been commented by away
teams that their own crowds have increased when Macclesfield visit and this again is
felt to be due to Sol being the Manager.

BUTCH’S BAR - Andy questioned if there were any plans to improve/replace Butch’s
Bar with another facility. Kevin informed those present that he had already got the
figures for demolishing the current building if necessary and was due to have talks with
Portakabin this week to look at the cost of replacing this with a new building. However
nothing could be done this season.

Andy questioned if there was any support that the SST could provide to ensure that a
‘Butch’s Bar’ is going to be available to London Road supporters. Mark questioned if a
crowdfunder could be a possibility. It was agreed that a further meeting to discuss this
should be held in April when Mark and Amar had due to sit down to look at the budget
for the following season. Kevin to let the SST know when this is due to take place so
that another date can be agreed.

LOTTO - Amar apologised but indicated that he was not fully aware of the lotto or what
it did. Andy and Marie gave a brief summary of its inception and funds it provided to the
club on a monthly basis and the various projects it had supported.


It was stressed that the Lotto had over the last few months lost members and one of the
reasons could be due to the situation at the club since the beginning of the season. The
lotto committee felt that they had taken the lotto as far as they could but did feel that if
there was a definite project, such as a new Butch’s Bar, that could be identified that this
could possibly attract more members. Overtures had been made from an outside
company to help with the promotion of the lotto and questioned if the lotto committee
had thought of joining with other clubs. This however was not felt a suitable suggestion
as the original ethos of the lotto was to make it a local/community lotto which would
provide funds for the club/supporters and local community projects such as

Andy then closed the meeting by thanking all for attending and felt that a lot of the
issues raised in the recent communications had now been discussed fully and look
forward to further discussions once the budgets were being set for next season



11th February 2019


A few members of the SST board met with  Mr Amar Alkhadi, Mr Mark Blower and Mr Kevin Green after the home match against Crewe on Saturday 9th February 2019 and had a very productive meeting on the main points of the SST open letter dated 14th January 2019.


We plan to publish the minutes of this meeting in the near future once the responses of the SST board and the management of MTFC have been taken into consideration.


21st January 2019


Responses to the Open SST Letter (dated the 25th November 2018)

( Original question in itialics, Amar Alkhadi's response in black, SST response in blue)


14th January 2019

Amar Alkhadi/Mark Blower/ Kevin Green
℅ Macclesfield Town Football Club
Moss Rose Stadium
London Road
SK11 7SP

Dear Amar, Mark and Kevin

I write to you on behalf of the Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) Board may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy 2019 and hope as we all sincerely do that by the end of 2019 we are still plying our trade as a highly competitive member of the Football League “ family ”. You will see that I have addressed this letter to all of you. The reason for this is that following our initial response to Amar on 12th December 2018, Amar emailed me to advise that he cannot
always provide the conduit in terms of optimum effective dialogue between the club hierarchy, and the SST. Amar further indicated a willingness to intervene up to several times a season, and so I now move on to the most important aspects of this letter where we as the SST board wish to offer a detailed reply to the responses we received from you Amar. I would like to further clarify that this is an open letter and will be made available to the readership of the SST website and unofficial websites of the Start Lane End and Wraggs to Riches.

Question 1 -There is a strong feeling amongst Silkmen supporters that there is a significant disconnect between them and the majority shareholder Amar Alkadhi and
Chairman Mark Blower. Could you please advise on how you intend to positively
address this perception amongst the Silkmen faithful?


AK response - I don't think I have personally changed the way I connect with the silkmen supporters in the 16 years that I have been involved in the club. I have always liked to be a low-profile director and that hasn't changed. I think I have replied to messages and spoken to all fans who have approached me for a chat.

There have been a couple of instances over the last year where I have chosen not to reply to insults and threats from unhappy fans/ex-employees, but surely that is normal?

MB has made himself available whenever called upon and spoken openly and honestly about all matters, most recently with the SST board and before that with a number of supporters who asked to challenge him.


SST response - Information was provided by Stuart Joseph at the Whistleblowers
meeting held on 21st June 2018 that the Football League rules make it an obligation for Football League clubs under their control to provide several public forums in a season.  Could you please provide us with the dates of the next proposed meeting so that we can publish this on the various websites?


Question 2 -There is a perception that the Silkmen hierarchy is not trusted by a number of influential local businessman; some of which have previously been involved but

sadly no longer seem to be. Could you please advise on how well you are doing
at attracting the interest of local businesses, and reinvigorating relationships with
previous influential local businesses who have proactively supported the football
club in the past?


AK response - While the contribution of the local businessmen that I think you refer to was undeniably, mostly, positive while the club was in the National league, the football league requires a much higher financial sponsorship contribution (which is allowable to be used for the football playing budget), which the these businesses cannot absorb.


SST response -  Could you provide an indication of the context in which attempts were made to maintain a positive relationship with these local businesses as we have noted that many are not involved this season? This does not seem to make financial sense to even the least business minded person, when bearing in mind the increased ‘visibility’ of the club in the Football League.
We would also like to know of any indication as to whether more tailored sponsorship opportunities to suit their respective budgets were offered. As we are sure you are aware; many of these well-known local businesses/people are significant employers and held in very high regard by the local community.


Question 3 - There are concerns that as majority shareholder, Amar holds such an influential shareholding that it significantly inhibits the possibility for an Annual General

Meeting (AGM) of shareholders, to discuss important issues around the future of
our beloved club. Could you please advise if there are any plans for an AGM in
the foreseeable future which we feel sure would help to facilitate a feeling of
transparency and openness from the club?


AK response - Company law was changed a couple of years ago so that no AGM needs to be held. We publish our accounts and the parent company accounts publicly, and we speak on a regular basis to stakeholders and fans. So all financial data is publicly available.

Apart from private information (players wages and contracts), I welcome any questions that need answering. Indeed MB has held a few "meet the chairman" sessions where direct answers were given to direct questions.


SST response - Can you clarify the rationale for the recent charge on the clubs assets by AIB where a Debenture has been raised and will this impact significantly on the club in the future?


Question 4 - There are significant concerns about a perceived lack of investment in the

playing staff at the club which has contributed to the poor start to our season.
Could you please advise as to how the club intends to provide resources that
would ensure our survival in the EFL, and provide clarity as to the current
managerial situation because of the perceived ambiguity in official
communications thus far?


AK response - I am not sure that the fans are aware of the EFL has a salary cap mechanism in place lined to the revenue of the Club (Certainly Andy, you were not when we spoke) and we are using every penny that is allowed. We were utilising 97% of it by November (official figure from the EFL) but now we are at 100% because of additional signings (Nathan Cameron).


SST response - With the need to replenish our meagre resources, what strategies are in place to optimise income to the club via attracting new fans/increasing fans spend at the ground and emphasising the attractiveness and value of the McIlroy suite as a venue?
Could you please advise if there is an events manager to ensure that investment
opportunities are made best use of?


Question 5 - A number of supporters have expressed concern as to the apparent lack of

sponsorship for games since our return to the EFL which has inevitably attracted
increased crowds. Could you please advise as to why this appears to be the
case and what the club is doing to address this matter?


AK response - We feel that the Commercial Manager is doing a good job, but any help from SST or the local businesses that you mentioned, that used to sponsor last year but are not at the moment, will be very welcome.



SST Response - There have been a number of games where there has been NO
sponsorship whatsoever which must surely be impacting upon what is a very important fun ding stream to the club. Two high profile examples of this was our first game back in the Football League against Grimsby on 11.8.18 and more recently when we entertained local North West rivals Tranmere Rovers on New Year’s Day. Could you advise us as to what barriers seem to be affecting Match Day sponsorship? We have reviewed the sponsorship for the first 14 games of the season which can be seen below:


Out of 14 league games this season 2018/19
Season 18/19
Match Sponsor 7/14
Man of the Match 3/14
Match Ball 3/14
Programme 0/14

This demonstrates that out of 56 possible sponsorship packages available only 13 have been taken up which equates to 23%.

This would appear to indicate deficits in your advertising strategy which clearly needs to be addressed.

We would anticipate it would be the responsibility of the club to actively reach out to local businesses new and old to maximise sponsorship through MTFC highlighting the mutual benefits. As I am sure you are all aware, the SST has been and continues to be, a consistent financial supporter of the club and would like to draw your attention to the information below which highlights how the SST has made financial contributions over the past 12 months:

  • Insulation of the McIlroy Suite
  • Two vital new computers for the administration staff at MTFC
  • New radio equipment for the stewards
  • New glass washer in the McIlroy Suite
  • Copper piping for the main stand
  • New hand dryers in Star Lane Ladies and Gents toilets
  • Lawn mower for the groundsman
  • A thank you event for the fabulous Silkmen volunteers
  • Sponsorship for John Askey’s home kit and Mitch Hancock’s away kit
  • Payment for trophies for the Player of the Year Awards evening


Question 6 - The SST have been made aware of a number of concerns relating to fans
experience (particularly on London Road) that has created a perception of ‘them
and us’ between the London Road and Moss Lane areas of the ground. Dean
Holmes and Robert Stirling do a fantastic job at attempting to provide a positive
experience for fans in Butch’s Bar, but it is patently clear that the condition of
Butch’s Bar is extremely poor / not fit for purpose, and several of our members
have even indicated their concern about having witnessed rainwater seeping
through light fittings. Could you please advise as to how the club intends to
improve the fans experience in London Road as for example via such initiatives
as a new version of Butch’s Bar?


AK response - Agreed Butch's bar needs to be demolished, but we have invested significantly in others areas eg the Silkmen Cafe and a new heating system in the Mcllroy suite.


SST response - We have to be honest in highlighting our significant disquiet in the way in which the response about Butch’s Bar was worded, and are acutely aware of the  upset that it caused the Butcher family. There has been no indication that there is any intention to replace this facility on London Road and maintain the memory of Richard Butcher who is forever intrinsically linked within the Silkmen folklore as ‘our 21’. With regards to the heating system we would like to make it clear that it was the SST (in addition to the Super Silk Lotto and a grant) that paid for the insulation in the McIlroy Suite, so the club per se did not have to make any contribution.

Question 7 is evidence that previous investment from the SST has been rewarded
with share provision but there is no evidence that this has been the case
recently. Is the club willing to consider the possibility that for every pound that
they invest into the club (which also includes the Super Silk Lotto investment)
that they will receive a share?


AK response - No reason why not but not for the lotto that's a completely independent fund raiser.


SST response - The SST Board are satisfied with the response provided and ensure that this will be actioned.


Question 8 - A number of our members are aware that 500 pounds a month from the money accrued via the Super Silk Lotto is paid into the club coffers. Could you please
provide an outline of how that money is utilised? It is considered that an
awareness of how the money raised is supporting the club may encourage
further membership.


AK response - Personally, I am not aware of these details, but apparently the SST only run it because they volunteered to because certain members wanted a more tangible role in the Club, as a L2 Club there are some professional lottery schemes that we can join which could be far more beneficial to the Club, but we welcome and appreciate the SST's involvement.  In terms of what we spend it on, every week/month there are items of equipment requiring repair / maintenance and this goes some small way towards that.


SST Response -The SST board would like to make you aware that they were very
dismayed by the context of the response to this question. The Super Silk Lotto
was developed (and continues to be) by Andy Worth, Marie Grundy (now both on
the SST board but also on the Lotto Committee) and Robert Stirling and we can
any ‘tangible’ role in the club. They have continued to work as a Lotto
Committee with NO help whatsoever from the club other than promoting it on the
official website, and providing details of the winner. The Lotto Committee are
extremely grateful to the SST for allowing the use an account it holds for
collation of the monies and of the incredible supporting role of SST board
member John Abbott (who alongside other board members wants no ‘tangible’
role at the club either) in ensuring that there is a clear and transparent trail of
income and expenditure which we feel very confident would be verified by even
the most stringent of audits. It is worth pointing out that other ‘professional’ Lotto
schemes such as the Gold Bond Scheme previously adopted by the club were not
as successful as the current scheme and did not provide the current monthly
revenue (500 pounds per month) that the Super Silk Lotto does. It is also
important to note that the Super Silk Lotto has also provided monies to support a
number of initiatives including the insulation of the McIlroy suite and the
development/funding of Roary’s Den. The football club has not had to provide any
manpower / financial input to maintain the Lotto which has a ‘local community
feel’ to it and has also supported (and continues to support) a lot of local
charities including David Lewis and Space4Autism. The club had a great
opportunity to provide some information as to how the Lotto helped the club, but
instead appeared to belittle the efforts of those on the Lotto committee and the
SST which is very disappointing to say the least.


9. On a positive note to finish, I would be most grateful if you could make media
manager Bob Trafford aware of the excellent feedback from many of our
members with regards to quality of the official website content, quality of
programme and willingness to provide speedy responses to efforts within his role
of fans liaison officer on behalf of the club.



AK response - Bob Trafford is indeed doing a very good job.


We acknowledge that the club has appointed a Fan Liaison Officer and the feedback from our members has been very positive and we look forward to an excellent working relationship with Bob Trafford in the future.


We look forward to receiving your reply to the above points raised by 4th February 2019 and again remind you that this is an open letter and will be available to fans on the SST webssite and unofficial websites alongside the response that you provide.



Yours sincerely


Andy Worth

Chairman SST Board.



20th January 2019



The previous Strategic Plan has been superceded by a new set of aims
and objectives that the Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) Board is committed
to delivering and which will be reviewed at the end of each season.


  • 1. Work with the Club to improve the matchday experience for Supporters.
  • 2Provide a channel of communication between the fans and the Club.
  • 3. Increase the membership of the SST by 25%
  • 4. Identify supporters issues, assess them and where appropriate, try to resolve them with the Club and the Fans Liaison Officer to invited to alternate meetings.
  • 5. To raise funds that will be used for the benefit of supporters, the community and the Club, encouraging supporter-led projects/initiative with financial, administrative and media support as required.


2nd January 2019


The Silkmen Supporter#s Trust would like to wish all its members and all the Macclesfield Town supporters a very happy new year and every success in 2019.


Andy Worth


SST Chairman


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