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22nd May 2019


SST Statement regarding a face to face meeting with Amar AlKadhi



On Thursday 16th May 2019, contact was made by email with Macclesfield Town Football Club majority shareholder Amar AlKadhi to request a face to face meeting with him to discuss a number of concerns with regards to recent events at the football club including such examples as persistent late payment of the wages of playing and non playing staff and the recent court hearing; how we will pay for necessary ground improvements and the future of Butch’s Bar.


On Friday 17th May 2019 Amar responded by email to advise that the club are currently in the process of sorting out issues from last season; sorting out player contracts and undertaking an extensive overhaul / reorganisation of backroom staff and procedures. Amar advised he would make contact again in a few weeks time.


The SST has sought assistance from Supporters Direct who have proved invaluable in helping to establish over 200 supporters trusts in the United Kingdom and facilitating a meaningful role for supporters with their respective clubs. They have vast experience at supporting clubs facing very difficult circumstances, and further information will be forthcoming over the course of the next few days regarding the next steps following further dialogue with Supporters Direct.


Andy Worth 


Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust   



9th May 2019


Statement from the SST regarding the non payment of wages to players and staff of MTFC


The board of the Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) would like to place on record their significant angst and disappointment regarding the context of the statement that was released by Macclesfield Town players yesterday where it has highlighted that they had still not received their wages that were due to them on the 30th April 2019.


Within the body of the statement it would appear that it is not only the players but the backroom staff that have still not been paid their wages for April 2019.


The incredible efforts of the team with the dedicated support of the backroom staff having helped to preserve our precious English Football League (EFL) status (despite the off field issues relating to their wages) bears testimony to how lucky we are at Macclesfield Town Football Club to have had such a fantastic group of playing and non-playing staff.


Upon reading this statement, we as fans will feel even prouder of them than we were when the final whistle blew at the conclusion of the game with Cambridge United last Saturday afternoon.


The players and staff of this wonderful little club of ours do not deserve this appalling treatment and so we urge the hierarchy of Macclesfield Town Football Club to remedy this situation with immediate effect.


The SST board will of course be providing further open correspondence as to the next steps we intend to take in support of our players and staff over the course of the next few days, and intend to work tirelessly in doing as much as possible as representatives of our wonderful fan-base to help to ensure a viable future for our beloved club which means so much to us all.


Andy Worth


Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust


28th April 2019


The Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) board would like to place on record how deeply saddened it was to hear of the physical and verbal abuse that was received by owner Amar Alkhadi and his wife at Stoke train station following the fabulous result against Port Vale on Saturday afternoon.


The SST fully supports the right of ALL Silkmen supporters to air their grievances in a peaceful and appropriate manner, but totally deplores the use of any physical and verbal abuse that could negatively impact upon the physical and emotional wellbeing of  another individual.


We therefore implore ALL of our fellow Silkmen supporters behave in a non aggressive and socially appropriate manner regarding any grievances that they wish to highlight.


Andy Worth


Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust



12th April 2019


On the 1st April 2019 the Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) board wrote to the Silkmen hierarchy regarding concerns about the disastrous and completely unnecessary closure of London Road terrace for the home game against Stevenage Boro on Saturday 23rd March 2019 and another lack of / late payment of our amazing players and backroom staff. Within the context of the letter we made it clear that without a satisfactory response, we would consider initiating a request for ALL volunteers to withhold the labour that they currently freely provide to the club, and withdrawal of all financial support from the SST and Super Silk Lotto to the club until a prompt and successful resolution of these issues.


The SST board met on Monday 8th April 2019 for their monthly meeting where we discussed the subsequent responses from major shareholder Amar AlKadhi, and as a consequence the following was agreed:

  • It is NOT currently in the best interests of Macclesfield Town Football Club at such a crucial time in our season to encourage /  facilitate withdrawal of volunteer labour that could lead to cancellation of a forthcoming English Football League (EFL) game at the Moss Rose. This could also potentially lead to the possibility of fines and points deduction that could seriously jeopardise our future in the EFL, and also potentially contribute to further cash flow problems that could result in late / non payment of our fantastic players, management and backroom staff of this wonderful club of ours.
  • There will be an immediate suspension of the £500 per month contribution from the Super Silk Lotto and we will not currently respond to any requests to the SST and Lotto for financial support to the club. This suspension of financial support will remain in situ until the ludicrous situation surrounding London Road (which has caused unnecessary angst and upset for so many of our decent law abiding supporters) is resolved, and there are assurances from the Silkmen hierarchy that the late payment of the players, management and backroom staff will nor recur.
  • The SST board have provided their backing for a PEACEFUL protest march from Macclesfield Town Hall to the Moss Rose stadium prior to the home game against Newport County on Monday 22nd April 2019 (Easter Monday)  to facilitate the opportunity for Silkmen fans to highlight their anger and frustration regarding what occurred in the London Road side of the stadium on March 23rd 2019 and since this date.
  • The organisers of the march would love to see Silkmen fans of any age, sex or demographic to attend the march, and have provided assurances to the SST board that they been in contact with the police regards to the planned march. Close adherence to every aspect of information / guidance received by police and other agencies (as apposite) will be undertaken by the organisers of the march. This is a PEACEFUL march to help to visibly demonstrate the hurt and outrage that the closure of London Road has caused to so many decent and well behaved supporters within that side of the stadium. For any further information on the event please search in Facebook for ‘March on the Moss’.




Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust


11th December 2018


Amar Alkhadi's Response to the Open SST Letter (dated the 25th November 2018)


  1. There is a strong feeling amongst Silkmen supporters that there is a significant
    disconnect between them and the majority shareholder Amar Alkadhi and
    Chairman Mark Blower. Could you please advise on how you intend to positively
    address this perception amongst the Silkmen faithful?


I don't think I have personally changed the way I connect with the silkmen supporters in the 16 years that I have been involved in the club. I have always liked to be a low-profile director and that hasn't changed. I think I have replied to messages and spoken to all fans who have approached me for a chat.

There have been a couple of instances over the last year where I have chosen not to reply to insults and threats from unhappy fans/ex-employees, but surely that is normal?

MB has made himself available whenever called upon and spoken openly and honestly about all matters, most recently with the SST board and before that with a number of supporters who asked to challenge him.

2. There is a perception that the Silkmen hierarchy is not trusted by a number of
influential local businessman; some of which have previously been involved but
sadly no longer seem to be. Could you please advise on how well you are doing
at attracting the interest of local businesses, and reinvigorating relationships with
previous influential local businesses who have proactively supported the football
club in the past?


While the contribution of the local businessmen that I think you refer to was undeniably, mostly, positive while the club was in the National league, the football league requires a much higher financial sponsorship contribution (which is allowable to be used for the football playing budget), which the these businesses cannot absorb.

3. There are concerns that as majority shareholder, Amar holds such an influential
shareholding that it significantly inhibits the possibility for an Annual General
Meeting (AGM) of shareholders, to discuss important issues around the future of
our beloved club. Could you please advise if there are any plans for an AGM in
the foreseeable future which we feel sure would help to facilitate a feeling of
transparency and openness from the club?


Company law was changed a couple of years ago so that no AGM needs to be held. We publish our accounts and the parent company accounts publicly, and we speak on a regular basis to stakeholders and fans. So all financial data is publicly available.

Apart from private information (players wages and contracts), I welcome any questions that need answering. Indeed MB has held a few "meet the chairman" sessions where direct answers were given to direct questions.

4. There are significant concerns about a perceived lack of investment in the
playing staff at the club which has contributed to the poor start to our season.
Could you please advise as to how the club intends to provide resources that
would ensure our survival in the EFL, and provide clarity as to the current
managerial situation because of the perceived ambiguity in official
communications thus far?


I am not sure that the fans are aware of the EFL has a salary cap mechanism in place lined to the revenue of the Club (Certainly Andy, you were not when we spoke) and we are using every penny that is allowed. We were utilising 97% of it by November (official figure from the EFL) but now we are at 100% because of additional signings (Nathan Cameron).

5. A number of supporters have expressed concern as to the apparent lack of
sponsorship for games since our return to the EFL which has inevitably attracted
increased crowds. Could you please advise as to why this appears to be the
case and what the club is doing to address this matter?


We feel that the Commercial Manager is doing a good job, but any help from SST or the local businesses that you mentioned, that used to sponsor last year but are not at the moment, will be very welcome.


6. The SST have been made aware of a number of concerns relating to fans
experience (particularly on London Road) that has created a perception of ‘them
and us’ between the London Road and Moss Lane areas of the ground. Dean
Holmes and Robert Stirling do a fantastic job at attempting to provide a positive
experience for fans in Butch’s Bar, but it is patently clear that the condition of
Butch’s Bar is extremely poor / not fit for purpose, and several of our members
have even indicated their concern about having witnessed rainwater seeping
through light fittings. Could you please advise as to how the club intends to
improve the fans experience in London Road as for example via such initiatives
as a new version of Butch’s Bar?


Agreed Butch's bar needs to be demolished, but we have invested significantly in others areas eg the Silkmen Cafe and a new heating system in the Mcllroy suite.

7. There is evidence that previous investment from the SST has been rewarded
with share provision but there is no evidence that this has been the case
recently. Is the club willing to consider the possibility that for every pound that
they invest into the club (which also includes the Super Silk Lotto investment)
that they will receive a share?


No reason why not but not for the lotto that's a completely independent fund raiser.

8. A number of our members are aware that 500 pounds a month from the money
accrued via the Super Silk Lotto is paid into the club coffers. Could you please
provide an outline of how that money is utilised? It is considered that an
awareness of how the money raised is supporting the club may encourage
further membership.


Personally, I am not aware of these details, but apparently the SST only run it because they volunteered to because certain members wanted a more tangible role in the Club, as a L2 Club there are some professional lottery schemes that we can join which could be far more beneficial to the Club, but we welcome and appreciate the SST's involvement.  In terms of what we spend it on, every week/month there are items of equipment requiring repair / maintenance and this goes some small way towards that.


9. On a positive note to finish, I would be most grateful if you could make media
manager Bob Trafford aware of the excellent feedback from many of our
members with regards to quality of the official website content, quality of
programme and willingness to provide speedy responses to efforts within his role
of fans liaison officer on behalf of the club.



Bob Trafford is indeed doing a very good job.


Macclesfield Town Football Club consistently punches above its weight and our current
position within the elite of 92 Football League clubs bears testimony to this fact. In a
recent address you yourself Kevin spoke of the importance of unity in engendering a
spirit of unity that could ensure our survival that facilitates such a belief. As a
consequence the SST board politely requests that you 
‘put your money where your

mouth is’ and offer a honest and valued written response to what is asked of you within
the time-frame provided above.


6th December 2018

The SST Annual General Meeting


The SST Annual General Meeting followed by an Open Board Meeting was held in the McIIroy suite at Macclesfield Football Club on Monday 18th November 2018.


The minutes of both meetings  together with other relevant information has been made available for downloading below:-


Minutes of the SST Annual General Meeting on 18th November 2018
SST AGM Nov 18.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [60.9 KB]
The SST Annual Report 2018
SST Annual Report 2018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [691.3 KB]
Minutes of the Open Board Meeting following the SST AGM on Monday 18th November 2018
SST Open Meeting 12 11 18.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [68.9 KB]

23rd November 2018



The SST is delighted to welcome three new members to the Board as a result of the recent Annual General Meeting.


The new Board members are:-

Mr. Andy Worth who has taken up the position of Chairman

Mr Ryan Cawley and Mr James Wilson.


We look forward to their contributions to the Silkmen Supporters Trust. 


27th October 2018


SAS Daniels Solicitors

Churchill Chambers

Churchill Way


SK 11 6AY


27th October 2018




The Silkmen Supporters Society Ltd

Annual General Meeting


Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Silkmen Supporters Society Ltd will be held at 19:45 on Monday 12th November 2018 at  

McIlroy Suite, MTFC, Moss Lane, Macclesfield.


The agenda for the meeting is given below.


All Members and supporters are invited to attend but only Society Members are entitled to vote. The Annual Report and Associated Financial Statements (item 2) are available via the link at the bottom of this notice.



  1. To hear the notice convening the meeting.
  2. To receive and adopt the Financial Statements (including Statement of Financial Activities, Balance Sheet and related Report) (Resolution 1) for the 12 month period ending 30th June 2018.
  3. To note the outcome of the invitation to Members to consider nomination to the Board of the Society and to introduce the new Board.




In order to progress the business of the meeting, the following resolution will be proposed for adoption:



The Members of the Silkmen Supporters Society Ltd present at the General Meeting held on 12thNovember 2018 receive and adopt the financial statements prepared by the Society’s Independent Examiner and the Report of the Board for the year ended 30 June 2018.




There will be an open meeting after the AGM where people will be allowed to ask questions and give their opinions on the running of the SST which will finish no later than 21.15.


SST Annual Report 2018.pdf 
Adobe Acrobat document [691.3 KB]



21st October 2018


Minutes of the SST meeting with Chairman Mark Blower


Minutes of SST Board Meeting with Mark Blower

Held on Wednesday 10th October 2018

Present (SST): John Abbott, Bernie Rickman, David Woolliscroft, Andy Mellor, Chrissie Thompson, Marie Grundy, Steve Mundy

Present (Club):  Mark Blower,  Bob Trafford

John Abbott opened the meeting by welcoming Mark and Bob. It was explained that these questions had been asked by SST members.

1. What were the objectives agreed with Mark Yates as we started the season?

Mark - the objective was to finish 22nd in the league or above i.e. to stay in the League. At least to get through 1 round in the League and FA Cups. Finances were in place for these. As previously stated the club works £1 in and £1 out.

“In hindsight is cutting the cloth working”?

Mark – Adamant that the club should not get into the financial mess of previous years by overspending. The player budget was in place at the beginning of the season and this was based on what John Askey had requested. This still places us in the bottom few clubs financially in the league. Money earned from West Ham game had helped but when there is any excess money this is used to pay short term loans/debts.


2. Are there any plans to run a reserve team?

Financially it is not possible to have a reserve team. However we do have agood under 18’s team.


3. Who was behind the decision to have players’ food served after games away from the McIlroy suite? Do the players prefer to mix with the supporters?

Mark - This was the decision of the manager.

Bob - Having spoken with Danny he had explained that he personally had found it difficult to come across due to extra commitments.

Comment was made by Marie that she felt this was decision was detrimental to younger fans, as a number of them used to wait in the suite to get autographs etc. after the game from both teams. Also wasn’t this something to the club should be encouraging as they are the fans of the future. Marie also pointed out that money had been made available to have a designated area under the McIlroy for young fans to use and possibly meet players but this was still not up and running despite all the equipment being purchased nearly 2 months ago.

Mark explained that due to issues with personnel this had not been able to be completed and as Kevin Green has only been in post for 4 weeks it was anticipated that this would be done in the near future.


4. Which players were signed after John Askey left and before Mark Yates joined? Who made the decision to sign them and what was the reasoning for this?

Mark – Despite rumours there was only 1 player signed before Mark Yates took up post. That was Koby Arthur who had asked to stay from last year. Talks were in place with Mark Yates on any other player the club were looking at.


5. Has there been a consortium with a substantial offer put in a bid to buy the club? If so why was it rejected?

Mark – As far as he was aware there has been no approach to buy the club since 2014/15.


6. What are the owner’s intentions for the future of the club?

Mark - The owner has always stated his commitment to club. He would not consider selling the club to anyone who would not be good a custodian of the club, with a commitment to keeping the club as a viable going concern.


7. Last season was Amar a positive, neutral or negative contributor to Club Finances?

Mark - Amar only took money out to repay short term loans.   


8. Has there been any commitment to inject Capital into the Football Club from the owner this year?

Mark – If the club needs it, either pushing for promotion or struggling against relegation Amar is willing to inject money into the club as open loans. He is not willing to let the club to “go under”.


9. Have all the players and John Askey been paid their bonuses for winning the league last season?

Mark – Yes, all contracts have/are being complied with.


10. What is the current financial state of the club and what is its current debt Position?

Mark - The club is in the best position financially since taking up the position of Chairman. The debt is the lowest it has ever been.  But the challenge is always intra month working capital needs.


11. Did Mark and Amar want John Askey to stay?

Mark - Yes everything was done to try to keep John at the club. Everything John had requested had been agreed to try and keep him. But the club could not meet what he was offered by Shrewsbury, nor was it asked to.


12. What is the list of tasks that still need to be accomplished to meet League 2 requirements?

Mark - Firstly thanked the SST and Lotto for the money provided to ensure the insulation in the McIlroy suite was done and hopefully meant it would be warmer this winter.

The floodlights are one of the main things that need to be looked at, as this means that we cannot have any televised night games until they are upgraded. The improvement should be completed by April 2019 but the club has requested that this be extended to the end of the season due to issues with telephone masts etc. that need to be taken into consideration.


13 Does the Chairman feel responsible for the fact that a number of people/volunteers have left the club over the recent years?

Mark - People leave for various reasons for which he has no control over and is unable to go into specific reasons for most who have left.


14. What do the club expect from volunteers, who are also supporters. Do they

consider that volunteers should not question or comment on club activities etc.?

Mark - If people are employed by the club or on match days the club would expect a certain code of conduct. There is a code of contract being drawn up by the club.

Discussion took place around this issue by various members of the committee. It was pointed out that without such a document being made available then volunteers as opposed to paid staff could not be held to follow it. Once this is available then volunteers can made an informed decision if they wish to volunteer. It was pointed out that the club does depend on a large number of volunteers to run various events away from match days which generate income into the club.


15 Are you happy with the marketing of the club at the moment? Are the club happy with the number of diners at games? Has there been a full list of sponsors for the recent games?

Mark - The price increase could be one of the reasons that the number of diners has decreased. This is something that the club is looking at.

There has been a change in the post of Commercial Manager and he needs to be given some time to settle into the role.


16. Could the club be more transparent? There has always been, and continues to be, a dirge of rumours which are not complimentary to the Owner, the Chairman, the Manager and the club. These rumours are often exacerbated and, like "Chinese whispers", get the wrong message.

Mark – There will always be rumours on Social Media and he felt that whatever was said in response to them, it would either not be believed or be replaced by more rumours.

Bob – I have been answering e-mails from fans with regard to issues around the general running of the Club.


Mark was then asked if there was anything further he wanted to add?

Mark wanted to clear up the rumours about Elite Management. Mark stressed that he was not an investor in Elite Management. This Agency had been used in previous season as they were considered to be the best non-league agency. A number of the current squad (five) are represented by this agency but there is no way that the club are influenced by this agency to play certain players. This is purely the decision of the Manager and his team. Mark indicated that they have always proved to be a decent and honourable agency in all the involvement the club has had with them.

In some circumstances if a club plays a loan player then the cost is decreased, however that does not determine team selection.

He also stated that in no way had he been responsible for picking the team.

Mark expressed a wish that the fans get behind Neil and Danny in the interim period while the decision is made whether or not to look for a new manager.

Mark was thanked for answering the questions raised.

The meeting was closed and all thanked for attending.

Footnote - As you may be aware, Danny and the players did come across to the McIlroy Suite after the match on Saturday. We have also been advised by the Club that there will be some exciting news about Youth Development from the Club over the next couple of days.


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