The Silk Pledge 2022/23


Since it began, 8 seasons ago, the Pledge has raised over £12,000 for the Silkmen


The SST are going to be running the Pledge again this next season 2022/23. The aim of the scheme, like most of the Silkmen Supporters’ Trust activities, is to raise money to be used funding facilities for the fans of Macclesfield Football Club. We had our best ever return four seasons ago, £2800, and we have generated in total over £12,000 for the club in the five years up to March 2020, since we started it - a tremendous effort from all our pledgers. Thanks so much to everyone who has participated in prior years. 


The pledges are already coming in for the forthcoming season in the Northern Premier League. For those who haven’t got involved  before, here’s your opportunity. It’s a fun way to help the trust directly related to the actual performance on the pitch. I do hope you can join in.


This is how it works:


We ask you to pledge £0.25, £0.50, £1.00 or more under various headings such as clean sheets, various players scoring goals, team goals, team points, wins, and any other sensible pledges which you think are fun to make. The more ‘bizarre’ the better – but only as long as I can keep a track of it! Some outwardly seem unlikely but one was a player defied that by scoring from his own half during a match in one of the previous season!.


All pledges will be based on 1st team games in the Northern Premier League - West Division, and in the FA Cup, and in the FA Trophy (unless you specify differently) and will run from the first game of the season


Those who support the scheme with a pledge may have their name and details of their pledge displayed in the match program occasionally and  also on the SST web site.


If you are interested in joining the people above in supporting the Silk Pledge you can get an application form from the link  below, via email at


Please return completed forms to  or to the Club Office marked for the attention of John Abbott.


Many thanks!


John Abbott


Silk Pledge Application Form 22/23
Silk Pledge Application 22-23.docx
Microsoft Word document [15.6 KB]

Here are some examples of the Silk Pledges made during the 2019/20 Season.



Team Wins:- Sophie Scholfield, Cheryl Abbott, Andy Worth, Alan Burgess, Haav Gulbrandsen

League Points

Clean Sheets  Don Riseley, Chris Abbott, Chrissie Thompson, Leon Eardley, Myra Clark, Andy Worth, Kevin Rickman, Ryan Cawley (away games), Margaret Milligan, Alan Burgess, Sue Nicholls, Jason Justice, Haav Gulbrandsen, Paul Collier..,

FA Cup Clean Sheets – Kevin Rickman

Team Goals  Julia Mitchell, Peter Owen Pete Warren, Kevin Rickman, Andy Worth, Sue Nicholls, Rob Wilson, Marie Grundy.   ; 

Hat tricks: -  John Abbott, Margaret Milligan

Away Goals –  Ryan Cawley, Graham Boon

Joe Ironside Goals – Chris Abbott, John Clark, Myra Clark, Andy Worth 

Virgil Gomis Goals – John Abbott, Andy Worth 

Jacob Blyth Goals – John Clark 

Paddy Osadebe Goals – Gaiil Feay, Myra Clark, Jon Smart, Chrissie Thompson, Andy Worth, Brian Melling 

Theo Archibald Goals – Chrissie Thompson,  Brian Melling 

Peter Vincenti Goals – Ryan Cawley

Ben Stephens Goals – Chrissie Thompson, Margaret Milligan 

Miles Welch Hayes Goals – Margaret Milligan 

Fiacre Kelleher Goals – Jon Smart 

Home Goals scored by Macc – 

Macc win by three or more goals – Leon Eardley

Two Macc goals or more scored in a match – Mike Pace, Phil Gibbons 

Macc goals over two per game – Mark Findlow, Phil Gibbons, Margaret Milligan

Goals scored by Macc loan players - Ian Edy

Macc Headed goals - Leon Eardley

Macc goals in first or last 15 minutes – 

Macc top three scorers squad numbers – 

Own goals scord by their opposition –  John Abbott

League goals conceded less than last season - Brian Mellling

Macc Goals by Defender - Ian Edy

First goal of the season in a League match by any Macc player  

Macc wins by more than two goals if the opposition  score – 

Team Goals scored by shots outside the area – Chris Abbott

Team Goals scored by shots from the centre circle or our own half – 

FA Cup Goals – Kevin Rickman

League Points  John Abbott, Marie Grundy, Haav Gulbrandsen

League Points over 50 – Ryan Cawley, Margaret Milligan

League Points over 60 –  Margaret Milligan

League Points over 70 – Bill Milligan

Penalties saved – John Abbott, Myra Clark

Penalties scored – John Abbott, Myra Clark

Team Wins – 

Home Wins – Jason Justice, Paul Collier

Home Wins when I am There - Crewe/Bury   

Away Wins – David Woolliscroft, Mark Findlow, Ryan Cawley

FA Cup wins  Andy Worth

Final League position above 20th – 

Playoffs, Promotion, Champions ,Margaret Milligan, Sue Nicholls, Jason Justice

Avoid Relegation - Sue Nicholls, David Woolliscroft

No MTFC 'own goals' - Paul Collier

Mokk Lads to play a gig at the Moss Rose - Haav Gulbrandsen


And of course - League games lost by Altrincham – John Clark, Andy Worth 



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