News From 2021

23rd December 2021


A Christmas Greeting


Dear all



In the twelve months since the Christmas of 2020 the transformation of our club has ben nothing short of sensational. The feelgood factor surrounding the club is palpable, with the gates for our inaugural season in the ninth tier of English football surely beyond the wildest dreams of even our most optimistic of supporters. I am certain that I speak for Silkmen fans everywhere when I offer sincere thanks to Rob and Robbie; the incredible backroom staff and amazing volunteers at our club, for demonstrating that dreams most definitely can come true!!

I would now like to offer the sincere gratitude of my peers on the Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) board and I, to all those who have supported the SST during 2021 with particular reference to:

•          All our members.

•          Clive Westbury for auditing our accounts in his own time.

•          Those who attended our Annual General Meeting and  SST

            ordinary board meetings  and putting forward some fantastic ideas      as well as thought provoking questions.

       •        All those who have contributed to our fundraising activities during

                the year.  


Your incredible support on such initiatives such as the revised 50/50 matchday draws and Easy Fundraising has meant that we have been able to provide significant financial contribution to the club on such projects as new speakers in Star Lane End, the replacement of emergency lighting in the Moss Lane stand, and emergency evacuation equipment in Bar 27. All of the aforementioned projects will invariably act as a catalyst towards increasing the capacity at the stadium in the future.


As we move towards 2022, we the SST aim to develop contemporary aims and objectives which continues to demonstrate that the health and wellbeing of our supporters and their improved matchday experience, remains consistently at the forefront of what we are aiming to achieve, and we most definitely would like the fans that we represent to have more of a say.


This is not only with regards to how any funds raised are spent, but as to how the voices of the Silkmen faithful are heard in helping to influence positive change at our beloved football club in 2022. It is the earnest belief of my peers on the SST board and I, that this can most definitely can be achieved with the input of new board members who can help us to move forward with a range of new thoughts and  ideas.


I would like to end my Christmas address by taking the opportunity to wish all our members and of course all the staff and supporters of Macclesfield Football Club, a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


 Andy Worth


SST Chairman


3rd December 2021


The Latest 50/50 Update


Dear all



The SST board have been delighted with the response from Silkmen fans to the 50/50 draw on matchdays and the financial rewards which it is bringing to the coffers of both MFC and the SST. 


The Football Club and SST are using the money raised to work collaboratively on projects that benefit not only the Club, but also you our amazing fans. 


This is emphasised by the fact that we recently formalised an agreement with CAMTEK (who installed the new PA system back in the summer) to put speakers in the Macclesfield College Stand (aka the Star Lane End) which cost £3,000..


I am pleased to be able to inform you that this work has now been completed and I would like to thank everyone involved in this project as it really does heighten the matchday experience for all those who cheer our team on from our spiritual home.


The next project is helping to upgrade the emergency lighting in the Moss Lane stand which will cost around £1800, and both of these aforementioned projects will help to dramatically improve our chances of increasing the ground capacity in the coming weeks.


Thank you



#Our town our club


Andy Worth


Chairperson of the SST



25th November 2021


The Fan-Led Review of Football Governance - final report and recommendations


Today the government has published  the final Report setting out the recommendations of the Review. This Report is founded on the basis of over 100 hours of engagement with Supporters’ Trusts, fan groups, women’s football representatives, football authorities, club owners, players representatives, and underrepresented interest groups, alongside over 20,000 fans responding to an online survey. The report is extensive, so we will now be considering the detailed recommendations ahead of a full government response.

All football stakeholders have had the chance to contribute to the Review and I am very grateful to all those who have given evidence. Most importantly, fan voices were at the heart of the Review and will remain at the heart of the government’s thinking in responding to the recommendations.

Fan Led Review of Football Governance
The Fan-Led Review of Football Governance - final report and recommendations
Adobe Acrobat document [2.5 MB]

20th November 2021


The Latest Cheshire Senior Cup Update


The date for the next round of the Cheshire Senior Cup game for Macclesfield FC at home to Stockport County FC will be held at home on Tuesday the 7th December 2021 with a 7.45pm kickoff.


10th November 2021


The Latest SST Update


Dear all


It has been sometime since I provided an update as Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST), and I sincerely hope that you find the information provided both interesting and informative.


What can I say about our inaugural season as Macclesfield Football Club (MFC), other than WOW? The support for the football club home and away has been nothing short of phenomenal. Of course, the early exits from the FA Cup and FA Vase were hugely disappointing, but we now sit proudly at the summit of the North West Counties Premier Division with a brand-new team which is still evolving . As we know Danny, Bandy and Robbie continue to make the tweaks which they feel will mould a team that can win the league and gain the promotion, which of course is the primary objective.


Our ‘magic man’ Danny Whitaker commenced his UEFA coaching course in September 2021 (which the SST were happy to help to fund) and he also has had the constant support of Bandy, Robbie and the living legend that is ‘Sir’ John Askey whom I chatted with at length at a recent away game. John made it clear to me that in his short-term role as a mentor to Danny and he would do his very best to help Danny to develop into a successful manager.  Hopefully, we will be able to celebrate two Silkmen footballing legends who have then gone on to become Silkmen legends as managers. Please continue to support and encourage Danny as he continues to develop in his new role. Of course, mistakes will be made, but please be assured that Danny feels the pain of defeat just as much as every one of the Silkmen faithful, and his desire to make a success as a Silkmen manager is palpable every time I have the pleasure of speaking with him.


The SST board have been delighted with the response from Silkmen fans to the 50/50 draw on matchdays and the financial rewards which it is bringing to both the coffers of MFC and the SST. The football club and SST are using the money raised to work collaboratively on projects that benefit not only the football club, but also for you, our amazing fans. This is emphasised by the fact that we have recently formalised an agreement with CAMTEK (who put in the new PA system back in the summer) to put speakers in the Macclesfield College Stand (aka the Star Lane End) which will cost £3000, and we are hopeful that this will be completed by the end of November 2021. This piece of work is essential not only in terms of health and safety of our most vocal fans in the Star Lane End,  but also with regards to the match day experience of supporters in the Star Lane End.

The SST were also so honoured to be able to donate £800 to the GoFundMe campaign on the tragic passing of the beautiful Anna Ledgar, who was manager at the Stealth Gym and so loved by all at the club. This sum was the total proceeds of the 50/50 draw at the Padiham game , topped up by a generous donation from the winner. This was such an emotional day for Anna’s family , friends, all the staff at the club and the supporters, which, I am sure we all agree, the club managed so well.


We are also very pleased to have recently paid for the electronic substitution board which cost over £600 and sincerely hope that you find the high visibility jackets worn by 50/50 and programme sellers of huge benefit to fans when they are looking to obtain tickets and programmes on match days. In addition, the SST are working with the football club to help fund a fully ‘functioning’ scoreboard, which again will cost around £3000. We hope that this will be up and running by Christmas. We have also paid £200 for an Evacuation (EVAC) slide which will be sited in Bar Twenty-Seven and will be of immense benefit to people who are vulnerable and disabled in the event of emergency situations.


Several months ago, Caz Cooper and her son Alan Falconer, unilaterally, participated in a car boot sale and raised £70 towards the SST coffers, and a huge debt of gratitude is also owed to GRANVILLE GLEAVE who prior to his recent death,  very kindly donated a significant number of items towards the car boot sale. Supporters like Caz and Alan are the lifeblood of our beloved club, and we cannot thank them enough for their endeavours.


At a recent fans’ forum, Rob Smethurst spoke candidly about his disappointment at the club’s failure in developing a successful lottery ,which was intended to raise money not only to help the football club, but also their designated charity partners. Consequently, an approach was made by Rob to the SST to help develop and manage a successful lottery which will thrive. A meeting is to be held between the football club and the SST soon to hopefully move this forward. This sounds like an easy objective, but please believe me that is not, as it requires a great deal of work ,energy and specific skills (in particular, on the IT side ). If anyone feels that they can help in the development of a new lottery ,we would be absolutely delighted to hear from you. Please see the contact details below.


It is hard to believe that it is 25 years since the Silkmen achieved promotion to the Football League, and the SST are considering hosting a celebratory event in honour of this prestigious achievement. Indeed, I discussed this with John Askey, Steve Wood and Phil Power when they attended a recent game at the stadium. All of them felt it would be a fantastic idea but again it is likely to take a lot of planning and hard work to make it the success, that it deserves to be. If anyone would be interested in joining a working party to develop this event, it would be fantastic to hear from you and once again the contact details are as follows.


Finally, it would be remiss of me not to mention the fantastic BBC documentary ‘ Robbie Savage – the Making of Macclesfield FC ‘ which I do hope you have or will have the opportunity to view. It’s a good ‘watch’ with great performances by all participants with obvious exceptions!! It really highlighted the work, effort and angst which has gone on to get the new club to where it is today in such an unbelievably short time .I am sure it will continue to raise the club’s positive PR and awareness throughout the local and football community. Very well done and immense thanks to Rob, Robbie, Danny , Bandy,  the players ,all the tremendous staff throughout MFC and to the army of dedicated and unsung volunteers ( including many SST members ) who have and do give hours of time to help the club they love so dearly. Big heads up to SST Board members Patrick Birch and Richard Pattrick , whose contribution during last year, as we know,  has been immense.


Thank you



#Our town our club


Andy Worth


Chairperson of the SST


5th November 2021


Robbie Savage: Making Macclesfield FC


The documentary of Robbie Savage and local Businessman Rob Smethurst build a new club from the ashes of the liquidated Macclesfield Town FC, has been released today on BBC iPlayer.


The following link will take you to the relevant documentary:


The Robbie Savage Documentary

31st October 2021


Transfer of Funds to the Anna Ledgar GoFundMe Campaign.



The Silkmen Supporters' Trust are honoured to complete the transfer of funds to the GoFundMe page in memory of Anna Legar.


The donation has been raised by the supporters of Macclesfield FC through their purchase of tickets in the half time draw on 22 Oct 2021.  


We were also delighted and most thankful that the winner of the 50-50 draw also made a very generous donation from his winnings. This helped  to swell  the total sum to be donated to £800.


The SST would like to thank each and every person who contributed, making this donation possible. 


God bless Anna.


25th October 2021


The Full Season's Fixtures


The North West Counties Football League have released a further change to the remaining fixtures for the season.


Macclesfield fans now will not have a glut of away fixtures over the period of November to January when the club has 3 away games, followed by 2 home games, followed by another 5 away games, but a more normal set of fixtures of alternate home and away games on Saturdays.


The full fixture list is available on the Fixtures page



25th October 2021


Last Saturday's new 50/50 ticket


The winning ticket from Saturday 23rd October 2021 home match against Padiham was 5228.


The Prize of £580.00 was won by Chris Buxton. I am pleased that Chris has donated £200.00 of his winnings to the GoFundMe campaign in loving memory of Anna Ledgar



The SST and Macclesfield FC have also agreed to donate their half of the 50/50 to the same GoFundMe campaign for Anna Ledgar.


7th September 2021


Minutes of the SST AGM 2020


The Minutes of the SST AGM are available for members to download and peruse at their leisure.


2020 Minutes of the SST AGM 2020
AGM Minutes 2020.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [816.4 KB]

10th August 2021


The SST announces the Annual General Meeting


The SST wished to announce that the A.G.M. will be held at  the Pack Horse Bowling Club on Thursday 2nd September 2021 from 8.00pm.


All current members are invited to attend followed by the normal monthly board meeting which members also will be invited to attend.


At the A.G.M. members will be asked to vote on 2 matters:-


     1. The Accounts

      2. The New Constitution



Notice of the SST AGM
SST AGM XX Aug 21 - Notice of Meeting.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [178.2 KB]

3rd August 2021


The Macclesfield Football Club F.A. Cup tie tickets are now available



Yesterday (Monday 2nd August 2021) the F.A. Cup tickets for Saturday 7th August 2021 against Burscough F.C. were made available for purchase. Please use the following link F.A. Cup tickets.


The early season fixtures are in the table below and remainder of the season's fixture list will be published at a later date.


1st August 2021


The SST Launches the new 50/50 ticket


The SST launched the new 50/50 ticket at the opening home match of the season yesterday against Burscough.


The initial take up of the new tickets was very encouraging .


The wining ticket number was 0170 with an amount of £284.00 awaiting the owner of the winning ticket, which has so far not been claimed.


If the owner of the winning ticket contacts the SST upon proof of providing us with the winning ticket they should be able to claim the amount above.


The SST plan to have the 50/50 tickets available for every forthcoming  1st team home match this season.

The initial take up of the new tickets was very encouraging .


The wining ticket number was 0170 with an amount of £284.00 awaiting the owner of the winning ticket, which has so far not been claimed.


If the owner of the winning ticket contacts the SST upon proof of providing us with the winning ticket they should be able to claim the amount above.


The SST plan to have the 50/50 tickets available for every forthcoming  1st team home match this season.


23rd July 2021


The Initial Re-action and Recommendations to the Fans Led Review into Football Governance from Tracey Crouch MP


The initial Report and Recommendations by Tracey Crouch MP into Football Governance has been released in the form of a letter to Oliver Dowden MP.


A full copy of the letter can be downloaded below and the full letter itself will be made available later on , under Articles and Newsletters .


Tracey Crouch MP's Letter to Oliver Dowden
Adobe Acrobat document [195.0 KB]


10th July 2021


Macclesfield Football Club and the Emirates F.A.  Cup and the Buildbase  F.A. Vase



Macclesfield Football Club has been drawn at home to Burscough on Saturday the 7th August 2021 in the Extra Preliminary Round of the Emirates F.A. Cup.


Macclesfield Football Club has been drawn away to Winterton Rangers on Saturday the 11th September 2021 in the 1st Qualifying Round of the Buildbase F.A. Vase.


23rd June 2021


The SST gives evidence to the fan led review into football Governance



The Silkmen Supporters’ Trust (SST) have given evidence to the fan led review into football governance chaired by Tracey Crouch MP.


The SST revealed how the combination of the deliberate actions and behaviour of the single owner of Macclesfield Town FC (MTFC) combined with the indifference, inability and lack of Governance in the EFL to deal with bad ownership led to the liquidation of the football club.  The owner was allowed to be sole manager of affairs and through opaque financial management of a viable, very low spending club resulted in £2.2m of debts and 11 High Court Winding-up orders.


The SST also pointed out how the EFL with a distorted disciplinary process, combined with an orchestrated campaign by senior figures in other EFL clubs, focussed on removing MTFC from the EFL through unfit, self-regulated governance.  In the whole process the fans, players and employees were rendered impotent by both the owner and the EFL.


Many points where the FA or EFL could have intervened were identified. The SST believe that in the future there should be regular independent reviews of club management in which all stakeholders’ (fans, owners, PFA, communities, employees)  views are heard. There must be independent, external scrutiny of the EFL, critical assessment of its owners’ club structure and an enquiry if clubs fail.


The SST endorsed the FSA’s restructuring plans.



5th May 2021


The Latest SST Update


Dear all


It has been some weeks since I as chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) provided an update so here goes and I sincerely I hope that you find the information provided both helpful and informative.




Firstly, on behalf of the SST board, I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to all of the amazing Silkmen fans who gave so generously to the GoFundMe page to help pay for funeral costs for much loved volunteer Andrew Galloway and significantly lessened the burden on Andrew’s devastated family. In addition as a result of the dissolution of the old Super Silk Lotto to make way for the new Macclesfield FC Lotto, we are delighted to be able to advise that we are in the process of paying £500 to the following organisations who do so much hard work for the wellbeing of our local community:


- Silklife Foodbank

- Age UK Cheshire East

- Speaking Up Speaking Out

- Cre8

- Packhorse Bowling & Social Club

- East Cheshire Eye Society


The above provide outstanding examples of what a truly fantastic football family Silkmen fans are ?.


 I am sure that you have all been as amazed and awestruck as I have been at the incredible transformation of the Stadium (still fondly referred to as the Moss Rose by many of us) in just a few months; and it continues at a rapid pace. When many of us set foot in the stadium for our historic first game as Macclesfield Football Club, it will feel so good to have a stadium that makes our hearts burst with pride as opposed to cringing with embarrassment.


Several weeks ago I met with Rob Smethurst who made me very welcome and was delighted to give me a tour, and all I can say was WOW!! I know that many of you will have seen the external elements of the ground in recent social media communications but I can categorically assure you will be blown away when you finally get to see BAR TWENTY SEVEN and STEALTH GYMNASIUM. The new reception area (at the site of the old Silkmen Cafe) will also provide a very professional and welcoming starting point for visitors to the Stadium.


 I am sure it will come as no surprise but by the time all the developments come to fruition, Rob Smethurst will have ploughed in excess of THREE MILLION POUNDS of his own money into this fantastic multi-layered project. Discussion was then held as to what we the SST could do to help Rob and the operational board at this time to maximise optimum experience for those visiting the Stadium as well as offer some financial support towards a number of initiatives.


The following points provide an insight as to how we have attempted to do this in collaboration with Rob and the operational board:

  • Provided over £10,100 towards a new Public Address (PA) system. I am sure Silkmen supporters will recall ‘the Norman Collier experience‘ that would occur on a number of occasions during my appearances as the match day announcer as a consequence of antiquated and ill functioning equipment. I am also very aware that the inadequacy of the PA system was regularly a source of frustration for Silkmen fans who regularly highlighted their concerns on social media. A new PA system will not only ensure improved efficacy in terms of the health and safety of those inside the stadium, but most definitely improve the supporter experience on matchdays.


  • Provided £2,100 towards two defibrillators and lockable cupboards which is a crucial component towards the ‘chain of survival’ during medical emergencies such as heart attack, cardiac arrest, strokes and foreign body obstruction to the airway. This was a ‘no brainer’ for the SST board, and I am sure that you would all agree that if only one life can be saved as a result of the availability of this vital piece of equipment; it will be have been money very well spent.


  • Arranged match sponsorship for the first ever game at the Stadium as Macclesfield Football Club. The package includes complimentary food, the best seats in the stadium; complimentary match day programmes, and half-time refreshments for four people. There will also be the huge honour of selecting the very first Macclesfield Football Club Man of the Match.


  • Agreed to sponsor the home and away shirts of Silkmen legend and manager Danny Whitaker for our inaugural campaign as Macclesfield Football Club.


As I am sure you can appreciate, the SST have within the course of the last several weeks provided significant financial resources (in the region of £13000) towards the above initiatives, and we do not have a boundless supply of funds. In the next few months, as the Covid-19 situation continues to improve, we are hoping to initiate a number of fund raising initiatives. It would be great if you as members of the SST could provide we the SST board, with suggestions of initiatives that you would actively support  (and ideally come forward to help in the facilitation of) as we move forward on this amazing new journey.


The SST board has been delighted to have Rob Vernon join us but there is most definitely room for at least three more people to help add further diversity, enthusiasm and new perspectives going forward. If you feel you would like to do this please get in touch by using the link below.


Finally, I will make an earnest plea for all members of the SST (and indeed ALL Silkmen fans) to get hold of the brilliant song by Glass Ankle in homage to the Silkmen if you haven’t already done so, as it will help to raise for the long term benefit of the Silkmen and you our fantastic supporters. I also urge you to join the new Macclesfield Football Club lotto (when it comes back online) which helps to provide a nice little earner of £150 each week to a lucky winner whilst also supporting three very worthwhile causes who receive 20% of the proceeds with the rest going to the benefit of the football club.


 Please see the following links for details:


Take care and stay safe, and never forget that is #OURTOWNOURCLUB


 Andy Worth


 Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust




26th February 2021


The Last Super Silk Lottery Draw


The winner of the very last Super Silk Lottery Draw is No: 84 Andrew Scott. 


Congratulations to Andy and thank you to all who have supported the Super Silk Lottery over the last 6 years.  In particular we would like to thank all at Canalside Radio for their support in announcing the winner weekly.  We would also like to thank the Silkmen Supporters Trust for their support in helping to administer the lottery.   We hope all the Macclesfield fans put their support behind the upcoming lottery being run by Macclesfield Football Club.




Marie, Andy and Rob 



21st  February 2021


Andrew Galloway and the Appeal


The Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) were absolutely heartbroken to learn of the recent passing of committed Silkmen supporter and much-loved volunteer Andrew Galloway at just 23 years young.


Andrew was a young man who fought through so many challenges in his young life, and yet was simply just a lovely young man who provided countless hours of dedicated service for the club that he loved unconditionally over the course of the last few years.


Andrew’s warm and engaging personality; alongside a disarming smile and infectious laugh ensured that he was a much loved character, and he possessed an extraordinary ability to improve the mood of all those around him in no time at all.


There was never any indication that Andrew wanted any other remuneration for his voluntary work other than the knowledge that he was helping OUR clubAndrew had his whole life in front of him and had no agendas other than to volunteer his time for the benefit of the club that he loved. I am also sure all who read this will be able to recognise and empathise with the unimaginable pain and grief that Andrew’s family are going through at this time.


Rob Trafford (Head of Communications at Macclesfield FC) has been in daily contact with Andrew’s family. What has become clear from Rob’s discussions with the family is that the devastating loss of Andrew, has been exacerbated by the stress of trying to find some way of finding the money to provide Andrew with the sort of funeral that he so much deserves.


In the opinion of the SST board, now is the perfect opportunity for all of us to show what Andrew did for our club is truly appreciated by the Silkmen family.


The SST aim to raise £4200 to help to pay for Andrew’s funeral and lessen some of the burden on the Galloway family, whilst also helping to provide Andrew with the kind of send off that he so much deserves. The SST are providing an initial £1000 donation to the appeal, and it would be wonderful if many of the Silkmen family contribute what they can to help us to achieve our intended target. 


In order to do this you can follow the link below which will take you to the funding website, where you can make your contribution:




23rd January 2021


A New Announcement


Dear all


Firstly may I wish each and everyone a belated happy new year, and sincerely hope that you are all keeping safe and well in these unprecedented times.




The developments at the stadium (aka Moss Rose) continue at a relentless and extraordinary pace, and without a shadow of a doubt the stadium will look infinitely better when we finally get to see a Silkmen eleven on the field of play once again representing the town of Macclesfield with pride and passion.


Over the course of the last few weeks there has been discussion between the SST board and the Silkmen hierarchy with regards to how we can work in  partnership to support Rob Smethurst and the operational board in their quest towards making Macclesfield FC a vibrant and successful football club.  We want a club that clearly recognises the importance of listening to the voice of you the Silkmen fans as we hopefully go from strength to strength in the exciting times that lie ahead.


The prophetic words of Joe Koller on the SLE message board epitomised so succinctly as to how Silkmen fans are feeling at this time when he wrote the following words in response to Rob Smethurst’s new year message.


'Rob you gave us hope where there was none, you installed belief that the club would rise again when we had none. You have given this club back to the community and in return the community has put its trust and faith in you and the team and is not only right behind you, but travelling the journey with you. We all know that there is a long journey ahead and there will be ups and downs but we will travel the journey with you and share in the joy and disappointment as we work together to achieve the ultimate goal of a return to the Football League.’


Rob isr ploughing vast sums of his own money into this project, and we are keen to add our financial support. Rob cannot be expected to continue to shoulder sole responsibility for financing this exciting new journey. Over the past few weeks the SST board have spoken at length with the operational board of Macclesfield FC about how we can support this journey so here goes:


  • The Super Silk Lotto; an initiative which has  been continually supported by the SST board since its inception, will make way for an exciting new Macclesfield FC (MFC) lottery and details of this will be made available by the club very soon. In the six years that the Super Silk Lotto has been in existence, over £75000 has been raised and this money has gone to help the football club; fabulous local community partners and of course lucky winners of the £100 weekly prize. Because of the importance of community to our football club we have decided hat better way is there to donate the sum of £500 each from our surplus to a number of local good causes who do such amazing oft unheralded work for the benefit of people in our local community. For more information, please see the statement from Robert Stirling, Marie Grundy & I which is available on the SST website and also on SLE Facebook dated the 21st January 2021.

    I urge not only those who participated in the Super Silk Lotto, but every member of the Silkmen Supporters Trust and Silkmen fans everywhere to join the new MFC lotto when it becomes available. If the MFC lotto can have 1000 entries every week, just imagine how much this will demonstrate to Rob, Robbie and the operational board that we the Silkmen fans are truly on this exciting new journey with them. 


  • The SST intend to fund raise towards identifed project that wll be  to the benefit of supporters of Macclesfield FC.  There is ongoing consultation with the operational board of MFC about potential projects and we  will endeavour to canvas ALL SST members for their opinions regarding any potential project that is identified as soon as practicable. We intend to organise a range of events which we will need you to support in the post-covid world.  This will include such initiatives as race nights and golf days as starters for ten!


  • There is however something that you can help to raise funds in the very near future. The SST board have  also pledged their 100% support behind the fantastic single by Greg from Glass Ankle where every penny earned will be placed into the SST coffers and subsequently ploughed into our chosen project.  Greg has been working tirelessly to have the final mix of the song and artwork by the 31st January 2021, and will then look to get it out on a range of formats including Amazon, Apple Spotify iTunes and even a limited edition vinyl copy, and how good would it be if we could get so many sales that we get it into the charts?


  • We are delighted to inform you that the SST have agreed  the front of shirt sponsorship of the away shirt of the newly formed Macclesfield Supporters Football Club. As is so aptly stated on the home page of their website ‘football is nothing without fans’ and as the official fans representatives of Macclesfield Football Club it was an absolute ‘no brainer’ to offer financial support to our peers on this great new venture.


  • We would love to see our current board membership enhanced by new members who could potentially provide significant new impetus to us. If you are someone who thinks they can be that person please contact us at and we would happy to chat with you.



  • If you the SST membership have any ideas about how we can develop and improve as a Supporters Trust then please offer your suggestions by going to and placing your suggestions in the ‘We welcome your Thoughts and Comments’ box.


  • It would be so good if Silkmen fans from all walks of life could volunteer their particular skills towards the Silkmen cause. Members of the SST board including Patrick Birch Jon Smart and Richard Pattrick have already put in countless hours on a voluntary basis because they can see what an amazing future that could be ours. If you  feel you have something to offer then please contact the football club at because I know they would love to hear from you.


Please take care and stay safe ?.



Andy Worth


Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust


22nd January 2021


Super Silk Lotto Finishes


As of the 26th of February 2021 the Super Silk Lotto will be terminated.  This is to make way for a new Macclesfield FC lottery, of which more details will be released shortly.  All existing entries will be terminated from that date and the 327th and last draw will take place on Friday 26th February 2021.


The Silkmen Supporters Trust board and in particular the separate lotto committee of Andy Worth, Marie Grundy and Robert Stirling, with support from John Abbott and Myra Clark, would like to offer our sincere gratitude to the 259 people who supported the Lotto over more than 6 years.  In that time, the Lotto went from strength to strength raising vital funds for Macclesfield Town FC as well as a number of local community partners, all through the voluntary efforts of dedicated Silkmen supporters.  


The total raised amounted to in excess of £75,000, leading to regular cash injections to the football club predominantly focused on stadium improvements to improve the fan experience such as new kitchen equipment, pitch treatment, stewards radios, turnstile works, and a volunteers thank you event.  Let us also not forget the 327 winners of the £100 weekly cash prize, which helped to significantly brighten their Friday’s after such a nice little windfall!


The Super Silk Lotto was extremely proud to contribute to numerous community partners during the 6 year period including David Lewis, Ollie's Army, Mac Activity Centre, Space4autism, Canalside Community Radio and Silklife Foodbank.


As part of the termination of the Lotto, there is also a retained surplus which will be split amongst a cross section of local community organisations helping Macclesfield people of all ages and backgrounds.  Those chosen are as follows:


- Silklife Foodbank

- Age UK Cheshire East

- Speaking Up Speaking Out

- Cre8

- Packhorse Bowling & Social Club

- East Cheshire Eye Society


Any further surplus will be retained by the SST to go towards fan projects.


Thank you again to everyone associated with the Super Silk Lotto, a great initiative which has benefited many in the Macclesfield community.


Andy, Marie & Robert 

Former Super Silk Lotto Team


For any future questions, please get in touch with or if you would like to join the waiting list for the new Macclesfield FC lottery, please email with LOTTERY in the subject line.




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The Silkmen Supporters’ Trust is committed to the improvement and development of Macclesfield FC by working in partnership with the Club, the fans and the community to the mutual benefit of all.

The SST 50/50 E-Tickets

The SST 50/50 Draw

The winning ticket from today's  Monday 6th May 2024  National Premier League - Premier Division Final Play Off match againstt Marine A.F.C.  was 55423.

The prize was £1,083.00 and has been claimed..

The 50/50 running Total Payment to Macclesfield F.C going to the "Boost the Budget" after 27 home matches now stands at £11,262.00.

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