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A SST Statement


11th June 2020


Dear all


I am sure that the heartfelt words of fans favourite David Fitzpatrick regarding his view that the English Football League (EFL) are ‘trying their best to throw Macclesfield out of the league’ will resonate loudly with many of the Silkmen faithful who have seen precious little evidence of neutrality in the way that our small but intensely proud club have been treated.


If the points per game method was used when considering the number of points won on the football field, then the Silkmen would now be on 33.76 points (as opposed to 31.08) meaning that Stevenage would be praying for a six point deduction to relegate us.


We of course recognise that the off field management of our beloved club has been nothing short of appalling, and we have been rightly punished for it.


However we believe that the ‘test of reasonableness’ needs to be applied, and sincerely hope that this will be utilised by those who sit on the Independent Disciplinary Committee later this week.


The mantra of  ‘against all odds’ has become synonymous with Macclesfield Town Football Club, and over the weeks and months to come; this approach will need to be adopted by all associated with our beloved club to ensure that the town of Macclesfield has a football club that is proud to bear it’s name for generations to come.


Yours Sincerely


 Andy Worth


Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust



A SST Response to Further EFL Charges


2nd June 2020


Dear all


The news of further charges from the English Football League (EFL) has come as another huge hammer blow to our wonderful little club and its small, passionate and long suffering supporters.


The behaviour of the EFL is taking on the appearance of a witch hunt, especially given that the charges appear to contradict the advice of their own independent panel. It needs to be remembered that Macclesfield Town Football Club’s (MTFC) last home game was played on 29th February 2020, and that we missed out on the income from three (3) home games in March 2020 as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic; something which would undoubtedly also have a massive financial impact on much bigger clubs than ourselves, let alone a club with our limited resources.


Once again it would appear that it is easier to punish the innocent victims in this awful situation; the staff and supporters of MTFC who only two years ago achieved a miracle greater than when Leicester City won the English Premier League in 2016 to return once again as one of the elite 92 clubs in English football.


The Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) believe that the EFL’s apparent lack of any robust governance to deal with bad ownership is central to MTFC’s plight with an indication that the EFL are maliciously prosecuting MTFC in order to expel the owner. We believe that such an approach would ultimately have a massive negative impact upon MTFC, and seriously jeopardise its long term future.


The SST have consistently highlighted to the EFL our concerns about the mismanagement of MTFC by Mr. AlKadhi and the subsequent profound detrimental impact on the physical and mental health of our fantastic playing and non-playing staff.


We believe that there is also evidence of a deliberate campaign by a League Two club with everything to gain by further points charges against MTFC to utilise the ‘old boys network’ within EFL League 2 to heap huge pressure on the EFL which they have clearly bowed down to. 


We will of course be contacting the EFL for further clarification, and we would be interested to know exactly what the potential points deduction could be; something which the EFL have mysteriously avoided giving us any information about thus far.


Indeed, I am sure that the conspiracy theorists amongst us may well be thinking that it would be enough to ensure that the worst football club in the EFL on the pitch is saved from a thoroughly deserved relegation, whilst arguably the worst football club off the pitch, is plunged into a very uncertain future.   


 With regards to several questions posted on social media, I hereby answer with absolute honesty below:


  • The SST board had NO awareness that any other charges were pending when we made the 11th hour decision to loan the £10,000 on the 14th May 2020. We were only advised that this was to cover the April wages and hopefully help to prevent further punitive charges. We can only assume that the £10,000 paid to cover April has prevented further charges for late payment.


  • In light of the issues surrounding the club over the course of the last few months, the SST board have previously held preliminary discussions about the possibility of a phoenix club in collaboration with other agencies. It was always hoped that this would be a last resort, and that ideally the club would be sold to someone with a genuine interest in seeing the club thrive such as Joe Sealey. The next few weeks will of course provide a much clearer picture of where we will be, but the concept of a phoenix club is one which definitely must be considered as a potential option for the future.


Yours Sincerely


Andy Worth


Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust






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