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22nd May 2019


SST Statement regarding a face to face meeting with Amar AlKadhi



On Thursday 16th May 2019, contact was made by email with Macclesfield Town Football Club majority shareholder Amar AlKadhi to request a face to face meeting with him to discuss a number of concerns with regards to recent events at the football club including such examples as persistent late payment of the wages of playing and non playing staff and the recent court hearing; how we will pay for necessary ground improvements and the future of Butch’s Bar.


On Friday 17th May 2019 Amar responded by email to advise that the club are currently in the process of sorting out issues from last season; sorting out player contracts and undertaking an extensive overhaul / reorganisation of backroom staff and procedures. Amar advised he would make contact again in a few weeks time.


The SST has sought assistance from Supporters Direct who have proved invaluable in helping to establish over 200 supporters trusts in the United Kingdom and facilitating a meaningful role for supporters with their respective clubs. They have vast experience at supporting clubs facing very difficult circumstances, and further information will be forthcoming over the course of the next few days regarding the next steps following further dialogue with Supporters Direct.


Andy Worth 


Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust   



9th May 2019


Statement from the SST regarding the non payment of wages to players and staff of MTFC


The board of the Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) would like to place on record their significant angst and disappointment regarding the context of the statement that was released by Macclesfield Town players yesterday where it has highlighted that they had still not received their wages that were due to them on the 30th April 2019.


Within the body of the statement it would appear that it is not only the players but the backroom staff that have still not been paid their wages for April 2019.


The incredible efforts of the team with the dedicated support of the backroom staff having helped to preserve our precious English Football League (EFL) status (despite the off field issues relating to their wages) bears testimony to how lucky we are at Macclesfield Town Football Club to have had such a fantastic group of playing and non-playing staff.


Upon reading this statement, we as fans will feel even prouder of them than we were when the final whistle blew at the conclusion of the game with Cambridge United last Saturday afternoon.


The players and staff of this wonderful little club of ours do not deserve this appalling treatment and so we urge the hierarchy of Macclesfield Town Football Club to remedy this situation with immediate effect.


The SST board will of course be providing further open correspondence as to the next steps we intend to take in support of our players and staff over the course of the next few days, and intend to work tirelessly in doing as much as possible as representatives of our wonderful fan-base to help to ensure a viable future for our beloved club which means so much to us all.


Andy Worth


Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust


24th December 2018


As the year moves towards the end of 2018 I would like to take the opportunity to wish all our members and all the Macclesfield Town FC supporters a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported the Silkmen Supporters' Trust during 2018, especially to:-


  • All our members.
  • Those who stepped  down from the Board this year - Chairman Stephen Mundy.
  • Clive Westbury for auditing our accounts in his own time.
  • Those of you who attended the AGM and our ordinary board meetings.and put forward your ideas, thoughts and questions.
  • All those who contributed to our fundraising activities - our Easy Fundraisers, Lotto members and Silk pledgers.


In 2019 with the input of new board members with new ideas, the SST are looking to re-launch in 2019 with contemporary aims and objectives. The more members we have, the stronger the influence we can have in support of our beloved club. Of course the more we can do to help improve this; the better is the fans' experience. Whether this is about the need for a new Butch's Bar; a new scoreboard or new bins around the ground, we would like the fans that we represent to have more of a say. This is not only with regards to how any funds raised are spent, but as to how the voices of the Silkmen faithful are heard in helping ito nfluence positive change at our beloved club.


Andy Worth


SST Chairman


14th December 2018


The SST's Response to Amar AlKhadi's Responses to the SST Open Letter


12th December 2018

Amar AlKhadi
c/o Macclesfield Town Football Club
Moss Rose Stadium
London Road
SK11 7SP


Dear Amar

On behalf of the Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) board I would like to take this opportunity to
thank you for taking the time to personally intervene and provide responses to the questions
that were originally posed by us to Kevin Green Chief Executive at Macclesfield Town Football
Club on 24 th November 2018. As I am sure you are aware, your responses have now been
highlighted on the SST website in addition to the Star Lane End (SLE) and Wraggs to Riches
websites in the spirit of transparency and openness which we hope will continue to be the case
in future dialogue.

I would like to take this opportunity to advise you that the SST board now intend to scrutinize
your responses in more detail, and will then provide a written response which will be also be
highlighted on the aforementioned websites as an open letter. Once again many thanks for
your responses, and we look forward to further development of open and informative dialogue
between you, your senior representatives and ourselves.

Yours sincerely

Andy Worth

SST Chairman





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