SST Annual General Meetings - Agenda and Notes


2015 - Response to Questions Asked at AGM

SST wrote to the Club to pose four questions that were raised at the AGM on 17 August 2015.  The following response was received from Robert Stirling (General Manager) on 26 August 2015:


  1. People without appropriate tickets occupying seats in London Rd Stand - "the Club are aware that this happens and are frustrated.  Lack of ticket checks has been due to low numbers of matchday stewards and essential safety positions taking precedence.  However, I have spoken with the stadium manager and we are hopefully going to have a resolution from this Saturday onwards where the existing steward position will be altered slightly to be stood at the stairs checking tickets".
  2. Income generation from car parking charges on ground at the corner of Moss Lane -  "the car park is not owned by the Club, but we could have the facility to take money.  It’s the same issue that we don’t have anyone available who will steward the car park and take money, other safety positions take precedence.  This is an available position if the right person can be found.  However it should be noted that most of the players use this area to park their cars".
  3. Lack of response to emails sent to the Club - "This should now not be an issue.  The main club email address is and is manned during office hours.  All emails will be answered within an appropriate timescale.  Similarly, club staff email addresses are on the website and will also be answered appropriately".
  4. Plastic Glasses and Food in the Corner Flag - "The decision was made by the previous safety officer two seasons ago to use plastic glasses on the basis of an incident which occurred where a fan got injured.  There has been no such incidents recorded in the McIlroy Suite, hence why there is a different risk factor and approach applied.  This is constantly reviewed and I will ask the question of our new safety officer to see if the approach can change.  The opening of the new kiosk will mean all food will be available from there".

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