Meetings Between SST and MTFC

Notes of Meeting Between SST and MTFC 

This is the page where we post notes of the bi-monthly meetings that the Trust hold with the Club.

21 March 2016

Communications and the Need for a Fans Forum

Following the decision not to hold a Forum earlier in the season the SST has been pressing for one to be held at the earliest opportunity

Response from Club - The Club Operations team are more than happy to go ahead with a Fans Forum "now" and another one pre-season. Although, we have very little time left before the end of the season, the SST are working with the Club to try to organise a Fans Forum within the next two or three weeks.


Abandoned Match Vouchers

Issue Raised by SST Member - these were given out at the abandoned Ashton FA Trophy match and an announcement made that they were for free entry to the revised fixture. However, when the match was re-arranged ticket prices were dropped to £5 and the Abandoned Match vouchers were ‘abandoned’. This meant that someone people paid £15 for the match while others paid £5.

Response from Club - the vouchers were issued in a rush; they were handed out to be used at the re-organised game, but it was not intended for them to have any value attached at this point. Unfortunately there was an announcement made that the voucher would give free entry to the re-arranged game. FA rules state that if a match reaches half-time, and is called off by the referee, it is considered as finished and “paid for”. Any subsequent match starts at pricing agreed between the two clubs involved. The Ashton fans did not get issued with vouchers. So the two Clubs agreed to £5 entry for all supporters to the re-arranged game. 


Adult Blues Membership

Question from SST Member - Having been delighted to announce a brand new membership scheme to supplement 2014-15 season tickets, or for non-season ticket holders to be closer to the Club, did they no longer want them to be closer in 2015-16? It would seem that way as they weren't seemingly delighted to renew any of them just one year on, nor did they even have the courtesy to contact or advise members that they'd decided that they weren't really bothered about them being 'closer to the Club' after all.

Response from Club - The Club did not sell as many Blues memberships as had been hoped for in 2014-15. The deal was considered too generous, and the Club did not make any money from it, so it was discontinued.


General Manager Update

The Club are hoping to appoint a replacement for Robert Stirling within the next month or so.


Late Change to the Date of the Gateshead Away Game

Response from Club - when the 2015/16 fixtures came out at the beginning of the season the Club had asked Gateshead to change the match to Friday. Gateshead did not agree at that point; but as we know, they have done within the last fortnight; inconveniencing our fans who had already made travel plans (some with non-refundable Saturday train tickets).

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