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17th April 2022


The SST donate £200 to the Sam Harding Funeral Fund Page.


The SST was devastated to hear of the tragedy of a young life lost and someone from our league who had so recently been at the Leasing.com. We send our heart-felt condolences to Sam's family and his colleagues at Ashton Athletic


16th April 2022


Macclesfield FC announces  pre-season friendlies.


Macclesfield FC announced a set of friendly pre season games that will be played at home.apart from the Champions Cup match on Saturday 23rd July 2022.


8th March 2022


The SST would like to contact 4 Ukranians


The SST are looking to invite four people of Ukrainian heritage to be our special guests for Saturday’s game against Ashton Athletic on Saturday 12th March 2022. If anyone is able to help, we would be very grateful if you could point us in the right direction, by contacting any one of our Board Members.


3rd March 2022


The Latest SST Update (Amended)


Dear all


It has been a little while since I spoke with you and I am delighted to be able to touch base with you all as we approach the business end of the season for what is bound to be a very exciting run in.


As we stand we have six games to go (four at home) and sit at the top of the table in a very promising position with the destiny of the NWC Premier League title in our hands as we look to secure promotion in our historic first season as Macclesfield FC.


The support that the team have received both home away has been nothing short of phenomenal, and as our legendary manager Danny Whitaker has alluded to on a number of occasions; the backing of the Silkmen faithful has been the vital 12th man to the lads on the pitch in oft tight encounters.


We the SST have been delighted with vital help off the pitch from Silkmen fans who have helped to provide significant financial backing to the football club and Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) via the sale of 50/50 tickets which also provides a nice little earner for one lucky punter every home game . At this current time the 50/50 has generated  over £7500 in income which is utterly incredible. We still have four homes to games before the end of the season and wouldn’t it be fantastic to top £10000?


During the course of the close season the SST board will be looking into the development of a new lottery to raise even more funds for the benefit of Macclesfield FC and its supporters. We are also looking to reinvigorate the Silk Pledge which can be a source of great fun as well as income generation. This is exemplified by the fact that in previous seasons; John Clark and I have paid into the Silk Pledge every time Alty lose; a double bonus!!


The SST have ploughed significant income into Macclesfield FC since its inception with such ventures as a new PA system and vital life saving equipment in the form of two defibrillators. I would also like to make mention of our payment towards Danny Whitaker’s UEFA A training course, the electronic substitution board and not least our heartfelt contribution in memory of the beautiful Anna Ledgar. 


In more recent times we have helped to pay for essential works around the ground in the form of new speakers in Star Lane End and essential new lighting in the Moss Lane Stand. The SST has also purchased an evacuation (evac) slide which is a crucial tool towards safe evacuation of disabled supporters in the event of emergency incidents such as a fire.


Please be assured that we will continue to endeavour to provide funding towards initiatives that will improve the health and wellbeing of ALL people that make use of the Leasing.Com stadium.


Those who cannot make the game either at the Leasing.Com stadium or any of the away games can always make use of the superlative commentary on Mixlr of the eloquent and cultured SST board member (Richard Pattrick) ably assisted by the excellent Matthew Todd. Indeed, at the last SST beard meeting held on the 21st February 2022, Richard was delighted to announce that to the time of the last game for which commentary was provided (Burscough on Saturday 19th February 2022) that we had  454 individual logins to that particular broadcast. Indeed, over the course of the season so far an utterly astounding 36,750 individual logins have taken place. Mention must be also given of the incredibly person centred Patrick Birch who combines his painstaking and dedicated  role as club secretary with that of a highly valued SST board member.


Last but not least, I am going to talk about the voting for the Player of the Year which the SST is helping to coordinate as we have done on a number of occasions in recent years and is undertaking once again this year. This season, the SST are providing what we believe to be a much more professional approach and have purchased six ballot boxes (blue of course) at a combined cost of £209.70 and we are very grateful to Jason Carpenter at Spiral Print for providing us with 2000 ballot papers free of charge. The ballot boxes will be situated at various places around the stadium including reception, Bar 27 and the various food and drink outlets around the ground on matchdays. There will also be an online vote which will be coordinated by the ultra efficient Dan Ashton and this can be accessed via the email address POTY.MFC@gmail.com


I am sure that everyone will have their favourites, and the voting will be based on a one vote / one person ideology and this will be scrupulously monitored by Dan. The voting via either medium will commence from 1pm on Saturday 5th March 2022,and is currently due to end by 5pm on Saturday 2nd April 2022. This may well be subject to change, and we will of course update you as appropriate.


Please maintain your incredible support for the games that remain and lets all look forward to what I sincerely hope will be an incredible celebration for us all come the end of the season.


Andy Worth


Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust




23rd December 2021


A Christmas Greeting


Dear all



In the twelve months since the Christmas of 2020 the transformation of our club has ben nothing short of sensational. The feelgood factor surrounding the club is palpable, with the gates for our inaugural season in the ninth tier of English football surely beyond the wildest dreams of even our most optimistic of supporters. I am certain that I speak for Silkmen fans everywhere when I offer sincere thanks to Rob and Robbie; the incredible backroom staff and amazing volunteers at our club, for demonstrating that dreams most definitely can come true!!

I would now like to offer the sincere gratitude of my peers on the Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) board and I, to all those who have supported the SST during 2021 with particular reference to:

•          All our members.

•          Clive Westbury for auditing our accounts in his own time.

•          Those who attended our Annual General Meeting and  SST

            ordinary board meetings  and putting forward some fantastic ideas      as well as thought provoking questions.

       •        All those who have contributed to our fundraising activities during

                the year.  


Your incredible support on such initiatives such as the revised 50/50 matchday draws and Easy Fundraising has meant that we have been able to provide significant financial contribution to the club on such projects as new speakers in Star Lane End, the replacement of emergency lighting in the Moss Lane stand, and emergency evacuation equipment in Bar 27. All of the aforementioned projects will invariably act as a catalyst towards increasing the capacity at the leasing.com stadium in the future.


As we move towards 2022, we the SST aim to develop contemporary aims and objectives which continues to demonstrate that the health and wellbeing of our supporters and their improved matchday experience, remains consistently at the forefront of what we are aiming to achieve, and we most definitely would like the fans that we represent to have more of a say.


This is not only with regards to how any funds raised are spent, but as to how the voices of the Silkmen faithful are heard in helping to influence positive change at our beloved football club in 2022. It is the earnest belief of my peers on the SST board and I, that this can most definitely can be achieved with the input of new board members who can help us to move forward with a range of new thoughts and  ideas.


I would like to end my Christmas address by taking the opportunity to wish all our members and of course all the staff and supporters of Macclesfield Football Club, a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


 Andy Worth


SST Chairman








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