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23rd January 2020


Super Silk Lotto Announcement


The Super Silk Lotto are delighted to announce that from the draw on 7th February 2020 onwards, all proceeds from this lottery will now be distributed to the Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST).


The lottery will remain the same in all other aspects, still giving you the chance to win £100 every week for only a £1 stake. 


The commitment to the community will also remain strong, with a percentage of the yearly proceeds supporting a local community group or charity.  Previous partners who have benefitted include David Lewis, Ollie’s Army, Space4Autism, Silklife Foodbank and Phase Onbe Training, which is the charity arm of Canalside Radio.


Whilst proceeds will no longer go directly to Macclesfield Town FC (MTFC), the SST is run for the majority benefit of MTFC and will continue to provide funds with supporters interests at heart. This change makes payments simpler and makes it easier for fans to have a say on where the proceeds go.


Since inception in November 2014, the Super Silk Lotto has gained over 300 entries, paid out over £25,000 in prizes and raised over £32,000 for Macclesfield Town FC.  The more members we have, the more money we can raise for our beloved Silkmen and for the local community. 


For information on how to join the Super Silk Lotto please visit https://www.sstrust.uk/fundraising/super-silk-lotto/ or if you have any queries, email supersilklotto@gmail.com.


Robert, Andy & Marie

Super Silk Lotto Management Team


20th January 2020


Dear all


The Silkmen Supporters Trust (SST) were heartened by the news at the recent High Court Hearing on Wednesday 15th January 2020 that the winding up order was adjourned once again; and this time for 10 weeks, following the revelation in court that Macclesfield Town majority shareholder Amar AlKadhi had agreed to the sale of the football club, with proof of funds demonstrated.


However we were less encouraged by the subsequent press release by Mr. AlKadhi who spoke of how he would like to progress the sale of Macclesfield Town FC in ‘a timely manner’ and that that he would ‘work tirelessly’ until a sale is complete.


We the SST have held regular dialogue with two of the potential bidders, and recent communications with them since the High Court hearing would appear to be in direct contrast with Mr. AlKadhi’s statement; thus fuelling our concerns of delaying tactics by Mr. AlKadhi to ensure a prolonged extension of the winding up order.


Whilst we are aware that a Non-Disclosure Agreement was made with at least one of the potential bidders, it would be most helpful to know if Mr. AlKadhi has made any direct contact with the English Football League (EFL) regarding the sale of the football club; and if he has shown proof of the offer that has been made.


As a consequence, we have emailed the EFL in an attempt to clarify if this is indeed the case and look forward to a prompt response from them.


In view of the information earlier this afternoon regarding a further misconduct charge (as a consequence of the non fulfilment of the Plymouth Argyle fixture in December) we would urge Mr. AlKadhi to conclude the takeover deal as soon as possible. This would allow the opportunity for Mark Kennedy, Danny Whitaker & Danny Butterfield to bring in reinforcements to strengthen the squad like many clubs around us have already done in this transfer window, and provide us with the best possible opportunity to remain one of the elite 92 clubs in English football.


I would like to take this opportunity to offer a sincere debt of gratitude to SST board member Richard Pattrick, who gave of his time and effort to provide some eyes and ears on behalf of Silkmen fans everywhere during the High Court hearing earlier this week. Please be assured that is the intention of the SST to ensure to employ a similar approach at the next High Court hearing on Wednesday 25th March 2020.




Andy Worth


Chairperson of the Silkmen Supporters Trust


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